Tuesday 3 June 2008 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Sunn O)))   Orthodox Caveman Black One
Sun City Girls   Mr. Lonely Viola Mister Lonely
Burnt By the Sun   Dow Jones and the Temple Ofm Soundtrack to the Personal Ren
Dow Jones & Industrials   Can't Stand the Mid-West Bloodstains Across V.3
Industrial Bass Machine   Invisible Force A Taste of Armageddon
Death Ambient   Greenhouse Drunken Forest
Death In June & Boyd Rice   Paradise of Perfection Scorpion Wind
Instant Death   Can't Fill the Void Enabler, the
Arborea   Red Bird Arborea
Keith Hudson   My Eyes Are Red Dub Joint, The
The Coma Lilies   The Red Phone Memento Mori
White Swan Black Swan   Orange & Brown Castle of Useless Junk
J. Trombey   Sliced Orange Music Dewolfe Volume 1
The Orange Peels   Long Cold Summer Circling the Sun
Kim Doo Soo   Blue Butterflies Fly Over Yellow Flowers 10 Days Butterfly
Yellow6   I Know I Shouldn't But I Do BSBTA # 104
Yellow Swans   Live in the Police State Live in the Police State...
The Golden Oaks   Death of The Green Paradise
Crappy Nightmareville   Green Dragon Shadow Garden
Gang Green   Voices Scary Another Wasted Night
Paul Steinbeck   The Blue Devils and the Holy Ghost Sun Set
Hexbreaker   Anne Boleyn Blues Hexbreaker
Blues Control   Boiled Peanuts Blues Control
Indigo Zeros   Jaded Vision Circle Turning
Telegraph Melts   Indigo Azure Cyan Ilium
Indigo Swing   Reet, Petite & Gone
Sebadoh   Violet Execution I I I
Trotsky Icepik   The Ultraviolet Catastrophe Ultraviolet Catastrophe, the
Ultraviolet Makes Me Sick   Once You Were a Turtle Soundproof
White Mice   White Mice Mouse of Mendes
Black Funeral   of Dark and Crimson Spheres Vampyr-Throne of The Beast
Snake Apartment   Pigs Is Pigs Paint The Walls
Pig Destroyer   Towering Flesh Terrifyer
Pigface   I Can Do no Wrong Fook
Buried At Sea   Ghost
Wizard Prison   Sao Paolo II
Reznicek   Audi&Goggo(Side with Projctr Audi & Goggo/Haus Armgartburg
Slicing Placenta   10 Slicing Placenta