Neil Grovel

Saturday 13 September 2008 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Monotrona   Ah. Enemy Hawkeye & Firebird
Fleshies   Rosa The Sicilian
Abe Vigoda   Dead City/Waste Wilderness Skeleton
Grimple   All Grown Up Up Your Ass
Wire   Are You Ready? Object 47
Flare   Cycling Around Re-Grip
Cream Abdul Babar   Cocaine Pinata Creamabdulbabar/Kylesa
Sexy Prison   Escape From Dude Mountain Bury My Heart at Vladistovok
Ken Ishi   Moved By Air Jelly Tones
DJ Spooky   Bora Yoon- DJ Spookty Mix Sound Unbound
Ima Fucking Gymnast   Resist N' Exist ...So Freakin' Juicy!
Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice   Don't Love the Liar Gipsy Freedom
Liebig, Steuart Tee-Tot Quartet   Sunshine Candy Always Outnumbered
Oneida   Preteen Weaponry 1 Preteen Weaponry
Puffy Amiyumi   Cannana Fever I Love Guitar Wolf
Crystal Stilts   The Sinking Crystal Stilts
The High Decibels   That Dude HD
C - Rayz Walz & Kosha Dillz   Unheib Freestyle VS. Written
Nas   Hero Ft. Keri Hilson S/T
The Herbaliser   The Next Spot Same As It Never Was
The Bran Flakes   A Susie Moppet Singtime.... Bounces!
Jim & Tammy and Their Friends   Gods Not Dead Oops There Comes A Smile
Bottled Og   Infulate Me If the 21ST Century...
Chinese Stars   The Plague Release The Bats
Peter Grudzien   White Trash Hillbilly Trick Unicorn/The Garden of Love
John Inman   Are You Being Served Sir? Are You Being Served Sir?
Dan Friel   Horse Heaven Ghost Town
Fidenco, Nino (soundtrack)   Emanuelle in America Theme Black Emmanuelle's Groove
Eleanoora Rosenholm   Kodinrakennushojeet Vainajan Muotokuva
Jazkamer   Abomination Metal Music Machine
Sepultura   Slave New World Chaos A.D.
Mind of Asian/Straight Edge Kegger   A4 Mind of Asian / Straight Edge Kegger
Andrea Parker   Empty Words Dark Ages, the
Tara Jane O'neil   Primer In Circles
Child Abuse   Pre-emptive Priapism Miracle of Birth / Child Abuse
Plastic Crimewave Sound   Down & Out (Junky Lament) Flashing Open
Archaeopteryx   Little Red Riding Mouse Being Punished By Zeus For Touching Animal / Archaeopteryx - Horror Orr
Pumice   Whole Hoof Quo
Minor Threat   Out of Step Complete Discography
The Misfits   She Legacy of Brutality
Bill Laswell   Space-Time Paradox Version 2 Version Dub Trans...
The Heliocentrics   Before I Die Out There
Bergheim 34   The Spy Who Dubbed Me Sechstrack
Scarface   Chainsaw World Is Yours, the
The Red Krayola   Freeform Freakout 2 Fingerpointing
Freeform   Anti Zok Heterarchy
Pulse Programming   Dont Swell Up Your Glass... Tulsan for One Second
Princess Nicotine   Side 2 Princess Nicotine
Roche Ft. Pugslee Atomz and Wes Restless   Only When I Dream Solos In Stereo II
Mr. Oizo   Blind Concerto Transexual
The Mai-Shi   Summer in Gommorah To Hit Armor Class Zero