Sunday 16 November 2008 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Sophia   Untitled Track Two Seduction of Madness, the
Ateleia   Nightly Nightly
Dan Burke and Thomas Dimuzio   Transmission Upcoming Events
Franziska Baumann   Lull - Where All The Frozen Things Went/Drone Mix Eternal Ice Melts
Skozey Fetisch   Metastatic Alternative #1: Mantic Assemblage This, Then
Maurizio Bianchi   Fragment MW 585 Frammenti
Gridlock   (2) 36:6:115 Masonic Compilation
Desormais   Ruin Her Slowly Climate Variations
Herndon, John (A Grape Dope)   Kyoshi's Pop Bitstreams: Soundworks From The Exhibition At The Whitney Mu
Ikue Mori   Pulse Labyrinth
Vromb   Episoscopie (Histoire De...) Le Tourne-Disque
Veruschka   The Secret Secret, the
Velocette   July&August (4/4 Dub) Velocette 10"
Mum   Green Grass of Tunnel Green Grass of Tunnel
Hanne Hukkelberg   Boble Little Things
Deerhoof   Jagged Fruit Offend Maggie
Funckarma   Woodfaced Vell Vagranz
Pomassl   valsalva maneuver Spare Parts
Doofgoblin   Coppersheen Marblebarrel
Peter Murphy   No Home Without Its Sire Dust
Marumari   Greg Davis Remixes, the
Emulsion   She Orbits Sounding Rockets
Loess   Spring Street S/T
Maxime Dangles   Tulipa Kompakt Total 9
Sascha Funke   Safety First Kompakt Total 2
Sutekh   Ad Nauseum Influenza