Grizzly Adam

Monday 12 January 2009 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Furious Pig   The King Mother S/T
Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet   Blue Door Openings Blaue Blooded Turen
Slicnaton   Just Us Noisefloor EP
Crawling with Tarts   Grand Surface Noise Opera N2 Operas
Skozey Fetisch   Exploitable Rift This, Then
Delerue, Georges (soundtrack)   jules and jim Music Frm Th Films of Truffaut
Old Sea Hag   Terror Train ...Terror Tales
Eddie Miller   Turk Song Lecture on Nothing
Alexis O'hara   Gastown Blues In Abulia
Aki Onda   I'll Be Your Mirror Bon Voyage!
Karkowski Furudate Zeitkratzer   Mix White World As Will III
Josetxo Grieta   At The Junction ( Sing Along ) Art of Distraction, The
Harkonen   Grizz Grizz
Athletic Automaton   Death On an Escalator Athletic Automaton/Made In Mexico
Behead The Prophet N.l.s.l.   I've Got The Time Thrones / Behead The Prophet N.L.S.L.
California Raisins   Ride The Rainbown California Raisins/Cave
Neptune   Silver Pool Gong Lake
Wether   Desperation Drip I Thames / Wether
Homostupids   Track B1 Edge EP, The
Merzbow   Untitled Blank Field
Richard Pinhas and Merzbow   Chaos Line Keio Line
The Tiller Boys   Slaves & Pyramids Big Noise From the Jungle
Henry Miller   A Jazz Passacaglia Folios I / I I
Merzbow   1 Rainbow Electronics 2