Ophelia Necro

Sunday 29 March 2009 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Herschel Gordon L (soundtrack)   Official Warning Eyepopping Sounds of
Screamers   122 Hours of Fear 60 Minutes of Fear
Crass   Heart Throb of the Mortuary Christ the Album
The Mob   Prison Let The Tribe Increase
Flux of Pink Indians   Tube Disasters (JD Twitch Re-edit) Twitch's 10 Inches of Fear
The Phantom Limbs   Shut Up Old Man Accept The Juice/Whole Loto Love
Lamps   I Need a Chick Songs of Sexual Frustration EP
Nobunny   Give It to Me Give It to Me/motorhead With Me
Nice Face   Exterminator Exterminator
Made In Mexico   Villa Tranquila Guerillaton
Death Sentence : Panda!   Terrible Ways Insects Awaken
Magnetix   Hand's Lines Positively Negative
Hey Girl   Guts Spill Your Guts
Ratas Del Vaticano   Punta Con Frenesi Mocosos Pateticos
Nothing People   Janet Late Night
The Pains of Being Pure At Heart   Gentle Sons Self-titled
Bauhaus   Exquisite Corpse The Sky's Gone Out
Christian Death   Romeo's Distress Only Theatre of Pain
Swann Danger   You Were Down... Swann Danger
Black Ice   Stripped Body Nostalgia Del Buio
The Vanishing   Victim Card Vanishing,The/Sixteens
Louise Huebner   Self Fascination Ritual Seduction Through Witchcraft
Hanin Elias   Eaten Alive Future Noir
Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones   By a Thread Pink Reason/Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones
Heavy Hands   She Got It Smoke Signals
The Fire Demons   Bad Move Bad Move
Om   Bhima's Theme Live At Jerusalem
Diamanda Galas   Black Cat Closed on Acct of Rabi
Pantychrist   I Love Animals Pantychrist
Mort Garson   Se'ance (4:17) ATARAXIA: Electronic Musical Impressions of The Occult
U.S. Girls   Me & Yoko Me & Yoko
Effi Briest   Longshadow Longshadow
OneThirtyEight   The Man Who Made Monsters London Transmissions
Purse   Little T'n a "Purse Does Junk: Keith Richar
Country Teasers   Bury The Male Nurse's Dead Corpse Country Teasers / E-zee Tiger
Screaming Lord Sutch   She Was A Cheat Screaming Lord Sutch/Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Lyres   Witch Promise Is a Promise
Dusted Angel   The Thorn Valium 5
The Obsessed   Inside Looking Out Incarnate
Me Me The Moth   The Red Radio Weirding Valley, The
Tiny Tim/Current 93   Just What Do You Mean By "antichrist" Swinging Reflective: Favorite Moments of Mutual Ecstasy, The
Somewhere In Europe   Black Lodge Gestures
Deathspell Omega   Morbid Rituals Manifestations 2000-2001
Thou   Belt of Fire to Guide Me,cloak of Night to Hide Me Peasant/To Carry a Stone