Neil Grovel

Saturday 20 June 2009 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Mirror Mirror   Eugene Society For The Advancement of Inflammatory Consciousnes, Th
Teenage Fanclub   Metal Baby Bandwagonesque
Muppet Show   Mahna Mahna The Muppet Show: T.V. Soundtrack
Minus Story   Gravity Pulls Captain Is Dead, Let The.., th
Elizete Cardoso   Janelas Abertas Cancao Do Amor Demais
Roberto Torres   Camina Y Ven Pa' La Loma Son Cubano Nyc
Silentist   Seizures Silentist
Dear Nora   The Climb Mountain Rock
Murcof   Rostro Remembranza
The Binary System   Buttonwood Tree Jungle Epicenter, the
Aphex Twin   Petiatil Cx Htdui Drukqs
Temple of Bon Matin   Jacobite We've Got the Biggest Engine
Chainsaw to The Face/Hummingbird of Death   Acid Casualty(Kord) Chainsaw to The Face/Hummingbird of Death
Deathreat   Waiting for Another Command S/T
Zdrastvootie   From Some Point, in S/T
Human League   The Sound of the Crowd Greatest Hits
Sixteens   Community People Casio
Vagabond Opera   New Year's Eve In a Haunted House Zeitgeist Beckons, The
Adam West & Burt Ward   to The Batmobile! Batman (tv)
Television Personalities   King and Country Yes Darling, but Is It Art
Le Chien Perdu   The Cause of The Tangerines Wasteland Journey, The
Common Sense   Chapter 13[RICH Man Vs. Poor Resurrection
Bettye Lavette   At The Mercy of a Man Do Your Duty
Tom Waits   Fish In The Jailhouse Orphans
Tom Waits   Army Ants Orphans
Tom Waits   Books of Moses Orphans
Bee Mask   Untitled B Hyperborean Trenchtown
Gnawa Halwa   Sidi Bou Ganga Rhabaouine
Zeigenbock Kopf   Ass & Mouth I.D.M
Purple Duck   You With The Bear Duckside of The Moon
Black Dice   Glazin Repo
Art Brut   DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake Art Brut vs. Satan
Oblivians/Mr. Quintron   I Don't Wanna Live Alone ...Play 9 Songs With...
Arab On Radar   Piggin In The Pumpkin Patch Locust, The / Arab On Radar
Meat Beat Manifesto   Handkerchief Head Ruok
Cause Co-Motion   Leave It All Because Because Because EP
Concrete Rubber Band   Dreamers Risen Savior
Velvet Illusions   Velvet Illusions Acid Dreams
John Berberian and the Rock   Iron Maiden Middle Eastern Rock
Exusamwa   Panic Beasts Please Allow Me to Induce Myself
Diana Rogerson & Liles   Can I Tempt You With All This? No Birds Do Sing
The Underneath   Fly on the Wall Cosmic Noise
P.J. Harvey   Soft Queenie 4 Track Demos
Pneumershonic   Beyond the Moon Frequencies of the Beast
Pari Zangeneh   Dai Bala! Iranian Folk Songs