sonny atoms

Friday 25 September 2009 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Ferial Confine   5 Full Use of Nothing, the
Cam Deas   Frozen Lakes and Icy Leaves Cam Deas/Spoono
Kiyoshi Mizutani   Character Assassination Same Thing Always Makes..., th
Esoterica Landscapes   Hokmah Nistarah Hokmah Nistarah
Mkultura   Immobilise (Sausage Mix) Immobilise
Grimble Grumble   Cut Up #5 (Good-Bye) S/T
Eugene B. Redmond   Request Blood Links and Sacred Places
Brother Love   Own Worst Enemy My Own Worst Enemy
Gizmos   Dance to the Beat 1976:ROCKABILLY Yobs Session
Meerk Puffy   last track Nung
Fudge Tunnel   Kitchen Belt Hate Songs in E Minor
Artimus Pyle   The Tie that Binds Civil Dead
Deathreat   Controlled Consider It War
Red Alert   you've got nothing Rebels in Society
Grim Klone Band   Blank Space Blank Space
Vermonster   Black Liquid Slowly Mummifies Spirit of YMA
Goosewind   Arctic Tribal Song Come Smoke a Cigarette
Goosewind   Interlopers Come Smoke a Cigarette
Grey Daturas   Hammer Owly Claw Hammer
Thrift Bakery   Freshness Test Freshness Test
Hurray   Beginning of Music Hurray
Ramon Sender   Desert Ambulance Desert Ambulance
Dust Devils   Freeborn, Man Struggling Electric Chemical
Decrepit   Trials and Tribulations Tired of Licking Blood From a
Decry   Suburban Death Camp Falling
Deprived   Riot Discography 89-92
Stark Raving Mad   Down and Out S.R.M.
Nigel Pepper Cock   Oj's Wild Ride New Way, the
Red Bliss   Crank Fishkill
Dark Throne   Grave with a View Soulside Journey
Juniior Manson Slags   Wild Love-In Plastic Smile
Raging Slab   Thunder Chucker True Death
Vertigo   Mice Don't Complain Nail Hole
The Problematics   Whiskey Kids All Suck, the
Starkweather   Letters Come and Letters Go Folie a Cinq
Jungle Nausea   Turn Off Jungle Nausea Ep
Jungle Studs   Carry on Jungle Studs
Problemist   Love Has Resigned 9 Times Sanity
Red Snapper   Son of Mook Mooking
The Timelords   Doctorin' the Tardis (Club Doctorin' the Tardis
New Occupants   It's Time to Become Robots New Occupants
Mac Curtis   I'd Run a Mile to You Curtis, Mac
Sten Hanson   Hermetic Back Piece Sonosopher Retrospective, the
The Junior Raymen   Ace of Spades Rumble '66
Lars Vegas   Ficus Smoking
Brain Science   Return to Space Mesa Return to Space Mesa
Bug Guts   Boomerang Great Spangled Fritillary
The Lappetites   Birken Before The Libretto
Holy Sons   Spirits High I Want to Live a Peaceful Life
Dickbath   First Song