Monday 16 November 2009 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Sword Heaven   Faceless, Nameless Beatings
Billy Bao   Track Two May 08
Laughing Hyenas   Hell's Kitchen Merry Go Round
Hummingbird of Death   Coward Split
Circle X   Albeit Living Live In Dijon '79
Floor   Your Mother Is A Whore Floor/Tired Frm Now on
Jazkamer   Occult Glider Metal Music Machine
Racebannon   Sister Fucker Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 10
Burmese   Cut Across Burmese / Cadaver Eyes split
In Disgust   Cut Your Losses Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 11
Dried Up Corpse   Untitled Blue Sabbath Black Cheer/Dried Up Corpse
Melvins/Lustmord   Pigs of the Roman Empire Pigs of the Roman Empire
Astro   Still Water Astral Orange Sunshine
Cluster   Live in the Pit 6-27-97 KFJC 50th Anniversary Double 12"
Expo 70   Drifting Down The Coast On a Haze of Fog Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 12
Barn Owl   Across The Deserts of Ash Conjurer, The
Test Dept./Birth Gof   Side B Gododdin
Mirror   Nightwalkers V Nightwalkers
Jesus Chrust   Side A I'm Nailed Right in
Jesuit   Servitude 101
No Babies   Be The Best No Babies
Shearing Pinx   Axes Poison Hands
Mayyors   Deads Deads Ep
Gruntsplatter   The Slow Exhale of a Man... Chronicling the Famine
Acre   Track 2 Isolationist