Wednesday 23 December 2009 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Coil   Box Theme Consequences of Raising Hell
Chopstick   Bonitis Limited
Lustmord Vs. Metal Beast   Heavy Manners
Stargazer's Assistant   Night Soil Shivers and Voids
Thames   Live Thames / Wether
Svarte Greiner   Budeie Med Sigd Til Seters
Ashtray Navigations   Maypole Engine Over Crows of The World Vol.2
Drifting In A Backwards Wonderland  
Marcia Bassett/Carlos Giffoni   Untitled Organized Anatomy
Gen Ken Montgomery   Drilling Holes In The Wall Drilling Holes In The Wall
Etre   Are You Here to Stay? Voices Stomp Flames For Requiem Times
Fenn O'Berg   Fenn O'Berg Theme Magic & Return
Stuart Dempster/Tom Heasley/Eric Glick Rieman   Echoes of Syros Echoes of Syros
Tropa Macaca   Semba De Fevereiro Sensacao Do Principio
Failing Lights   Ideal Lunar Landscape True Form
Throbbing Gristle   Perception Is The Only Reality Third Mind Movements, The
Frank Rothkamm   Self Levitation Science Ghost of New York
Suishou No Fune   The World In The Mirror Golden Labyrinth, The
The Cosmic Mandoliners   Le Dernier Villageois Cosmic Mandoliners, The
Xome Vs. Tralphaz   Interspecies Arrival At The Colony Dining Hall Battle of Primordial Energy Manifesting In Matter
Fripp & Eno   The Heavenly Music Corporation No Pussyfooting