Monday 11 January 2010 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
The Ex   Choice Too Many Cowboys
Minor Threat   In My Eyes Complete Discography
Brainbombs   Driving Through Leeds Urge to Kill
No Dice   Asshole Suffer
Bassholes   Cockroach Blues Broke Chamber Music
Black Eyes   A Pack of Wolves S/T
Butthole Surfers   Goofy's Concern Independent Worm Saloon
Black Time   Mystery Shopper Midnight World
Uncle Jim   Superstars Of Greenwich Meantime Superstars of Greenwich Meantime
Clockcleaner   Shingles, Black Baby The Hassler
Baader Brains   Body Of the King The Complete Unfinished Works Of the Young Tigers
The New Flesh   Memory Scrap Dog b/w Memory Scrap
His Hero Is Gone   The Garden Plot Sickens:Enslavement R, th
No Alternative   Fucked Up Johnny Got His Gun '78-'82
Total Abuse   Banned In Austin Total Abuse
The Pawnbroker   excerpt
The Mice   Straight Up Who Cut the Cheese?
The Misfits   Angelfuck Legacy of Brutality
The Windups   Proceed New Zealand Dead N Alive
Newtown   Fancy Words Chika Blurkie!
The Buzzcocks   Oh Shit! Singles Going Steady
Silver Jews   Jackson Nightz Arizona Record, the
Scout Niblett   Fuck Treasure Island Kidnapped By Neptune
Sun City Girls   CIA Man 60 Minutes of Fear
Avskum   Bullshit Defenders In the Spirit of Mass Destruct
Left for Dead   Nothing there Hacked to Pieces
Iron Lung   Lost Appeal Sexless/No Sex
Iron Lung   Pressure Sexless/No Sex
Night On Earth   NY Segment (excerpt) 1991 film
Current 93   Horsey As the World Disappears
Husker Du   Newest Industry Zen Arcade
John Cooper Clarke   A Distant Relation Snap Crackle & Bop
Piles   Fuckerupper Work / Piles
The Cows   Allergic to Myself Orphan's Tragedy
Please Inform the Captain This Is A Hijack   Postcards From the Future S/T
Comet Gain   The Punk Got Fucked City Fallen Leaves
Dead Moon   Killing Me Hard Wired in Ljubljana
Annihilation Time   Yuppie Killer Ii
New Bomb Turks   At Rope's End At Rope's End
Wire   Mr. Suit Pink Flag
Guyana Punch Line   Home Fucking Is Killing Prostitution Irritainment
Fucked Up   Baiting Baiting the Public
Born/Dead   Comfort In Ignorance Endless War...Repetition
Nomeansno   I See a Mansion In The Sky Ausfahrt
Dead C.   Power Trapdoor Fucking Exit
Walls   Same Guy, Same Story S/T
Dwarves   Fuck 'em All Thank Heaven for Little Girls
Fear   Fuck Christmas Live...For the Record
Firehose   Slack Motherfucker Live Totem Pole E.P.
Black Flag   Armageddon Man Family Man
Feederz   50 Years Teachers in Space
Born Against   Well Fed Fuck The Rebel Sounds Of Shit And Failure
Caustic Christ   Frat Boy Can't Relate
Harry Pussy   I Started a Band Ride a Dove
Rusted Shut   Dyin Up Here/I Hate Seattle S/T
Kill the Man Who Questions   And You Say You Own It Sugar Industry
Culturcide   FTW Short C.D.
Evolution Control Committee   The Fucking Moon Plagiarythm Nation
Attitude Adjustment   Scarred for Life Out of Hand
One Thousand Homo Dj's   Hey Asshole Supernaut
The Ex   Cells Singles. Period. (The Vinyl...