Tuesday 19 January 2010 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Phonophani   Ring Phonophani
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble   Sirocco Here Be Dragons
Liz Allbee   a Charmed Life Theseus Vs.
Carla Bozulich   Evangelista I Evangelista
Pixel   53 degrees 47 33.66 -99 degrees Drive, The
Odd Machine   Phase Out Phase In/Phase Out
Kush Arora   We're Upstairs Boiling Over
Scanner   I Am Calm Wave of Light By Wave of Light
Dan Deacon   Woody Woodpecker Spiderman of The Rings
Mochipet   Justin Timberlakecore Girls Heart Breakcore
The Projects   Dream Machine Voice Is Glue
Michele Bokanowski   L'etoile Absinthe L'etoile Absinthe
Painting Petals On Planet Ghost   Kyoto No Mizu Fallen Camellias
Failing Lights   Ideal Lunar Landscape True Form
Frank Rothkamm   Lullaby Ghost of New York
Gas   Pushing Against Me Compressed Gas
Jazz Butcher   Partytime Bath of Bacon
Kurt Vile   He's Alright He's Alright
Tara Jane Oneil   The Fact of a Seraph Peregrine
La Barbara, Joan   Circular Song Voice Is The Original Instrument
Melchior, Dan Und Das Menace   Dim Are The Lights Dan Melchoir Und Das Menace
Jandek   Painstakingly Critical What Was Out There Disappeared
Swans   Fool Greed
mike Olsen   Incidental 6 Incidental
Ariel Kalma   Bakafrica Le Temps Des Moissons
Wooden Wand   Breather Wooden Wand/Hush Arbors-Swapping
Misc.   Chocolat Noir Happiness Is Easy
Liechtenstein   Roses In The Park Survival Strategies In a Modern World
No Paws (No Lions)   Posters No Paws (No Lions)/Hey Buddy and The Pals
Vaginals   Squirmer Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 12
Function   Disaffected Anticipation