Number 6

Sunday 31 January 2010 3:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
FNU Ronnies   Watchful Eye Golem
Black Pus   My House is a Mouse Black Pus 4: All Aboard the Magic Pus
Sudden Infant   Tandoori Chicken Scooter III Psychotic Einzelkind
Sudden Infant   06 1989-1991
KK Null   track 3 Astralloop
Arcane Device   Drazy Hoops Trout
Navicon Torture Technologies   Vortex The Gospels of the Gash
Alan Vega   13 X Live Sunno and Pan Sonic / Vega, Alan/ Burroughs, Stephen
The Skaters   untitled Raising Spheres of Crossing Angel Minds
Stephen Burroughs   Goodbye Darling Sunno and Pan Sonic / Vega, Alan/ Burroughs, Stephen
Attic Ted   No Regrets No Regrets
Anenzephalia   Thaum Ephemeral Dawn
Climax Denial   Ritual Smothering Ritual Smothering
Contagious Orgasm   Penetration
Grant Strombeck   First In First Out Bob Marsh - Eight
Dead Machines   untitled Futures
Carlos Giffoni   A Permanent Choice
Bellerophone   Eta Bob Marsh - Eight
Christiane F: A True Story
Grey Wolves   Blood Lover Blood Hater
Prurient   Memory Repeating And Still, Wanting
Yellow Swans   Stretch the Sands At All Ends
Antonym & Regis   Calada Parts One, Two, and Three Radical Simple Practice
Daniel Hintz   The Grey Goat Grey Goat, The
Styro 2000   Morgens Um 11 Chasperli EP
Mac Dre   Get Stupid
Basik MC   B-Boy Class W/Perfecto & Murs Apex Predator
Mistah Fab   Stupid Dumb Hyphy
Computer Chip  
Untold   Gonna Work Out Fine Gonna Work Out Fine
Havohej   Tungkat Blood Wand Tungkat Blood Wand
Reptet   Snow Leopard X 3 Agendacide
Zilverhill   Corner Stone Latent-Active-Descent
Zilverhill   Unceasing Latent-Active-Descent
Zilverhill   Sixteen Provinces Latent-Active-Descent
S'Apex   Versatile Audiodesign
Redshape   Dead Space Mix (Edit) Dance Paradox, The
Hank Jr. Williams   Sounds Like Justice 127 Rose Avenlue
Arthur Lee   Sad Song Love Jumped Through My Window/Sad Song
Fire Witch   Terra Nullius split/Ryokuchi
Pig Heart Transplant   Feeding From The Trough/Population Hope You Enjoy Heaven