Austin Space

Saturday 24 July 2010 9:00am to 12:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Nicktoons   Nick Nick Nick
Fruity Oaty Bars Serenity Soundtrack
John Williams   Lost in Space
Inva Mulla Tchako   The Diva Dance Fifth Element Soundtrack
Paige O'Hara   Prologue Beauty and the Beast
Rod Serling   Peaksville Episode Opener Twilight Zone
America The Best of Broadway
One Tin Solder Warner Bros: 25 Years of Film Music
Riders in the Sky   Woody's Roundup Toy Story 2
Animaniacs   Wakko's America Animaniacs
Isaac Hayes   Beavis and Butthead do America
Bernadette Peters   You Can't Get a Man With A Gun Annie get your Gun
Cathy Cavadini   The Girl You Left Behind An Amerian Tail Soundtrack
Debbie Gravitte   Secret Love (Calamity Jane) A Little Bit in Love - Broadway Love Songs
Wallaby of the West The Best of Nicktoons
Anthony Newley   Goldfinger The Best of James Bond 30th Anniversary Collection
Roger Miller   Oo-De-Lally Classic Disney. Vol 3
Leigh Harline   The Seven Faces of Dr Lao Fantasy Film Music of George Pal
Keith Caradine   Will Roger's Follies Broadway: The Great Original Cast Recordings
Hageman/Harling/Leopold/Shuken...   Stagecoach - Suite Cinema Century
Jerome Moross   The Big Country - Main Title Cinema Century
The Good the Bad and The Ugly Music for the Movies of Clint Eastwood
Ennio Morricone   A Gringo Like Me The Legendary Italian Westerns
Ennio Morricone   Once Upon a Time in the West Cinema Century
Judy Garland   Over the Rainbow 20th Century Masters - The Millenium Collection
Main Theme Inspector Morse
Puffy AmiYumi   Teen Titans Nice
The Lone Ranger TV Theme
Captain Kangaroo TV Theme
Peter Gunn TV Theme
Fireball XL-5 TV Theme
TV Mystery Theme   Alfred Hitchcock Presents Signatures in Suspense
Psycho Suite Bernard Hermann Film Scores
Torn Curtain Main Title Signatures in Suspense
End Credits and Titles from Family Plot Signatures in Suspense
Dial M for Murder Signatures in Suspense
North by Northwest Bernard Hermann Film Scores
Howard Shore   Naked Lunch Hidden Treasures of Film Scores
Springtime for Hitler The (new) Producers
Our Man Flint Soundtrack
Mars Attacks - Main Titles Soundtrack
Galaxy Quest - Main Theme Soundtrack
Bob and Ray   Party Favor Factory
Battleship Yamato (Japanese Version) Soundtrack
Digging My Potato Cowboy Bebop O.S.T.
Astro Boy (Japanese Version) TV Theme
Ultraman (Japanese Version) TV Theme
Koh Ohtani   Invitation to the Charm of Darkness (Opening) Darkstalker's Revenge Soundtrack
In the Night Key the Metal Idol Sountrack
See You Again - Ending Robot Carnival Soundtrack
You are Under Arrest Opening
You are Under Arrest Ending
Closing Yurisei Yatsura
TV Spot   Space Battleship Yamato