Wednesday 28 July 2010 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Stereolab   Super Falling Star Peng
Stellamara   Immrama Star of the Sea
Tony Conrad/Genesis Breyer P-Orridge   Demilitarized Ozone Taking Issue
Yatsura   Siamese We Are Yatsura
Yatsura   First Day on a New Planet We Are Yatsura
Charles Curse   Hope (Is The New Rebellion) Rain In Skull
Those Bastard Souls   These Things Will Slay You.. Twentieth Century Chemical
Dead Luke   Trapped In Lust American Haircut
R.H.Y. Yau   Prescription (Excerpt 1) Coagulation: Selected Works
Isan   Birds Over Barges Meet Next Life
Hue Blanc   Grandeur of Delusion Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones
S.K. Thoth   Nular-In's Walkabout Theme 1 Tone Poems of the Festad
Thornucopia   I'm a Freak Dry July
Yamasuki   Fudji Yama Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki
Thou   Summit Revisited Summit
Fredrik Special.. Thorendal's   Zeta 1 Sol Niger Whithin
Isis   In Fiction Panopticon
Pan Sonic   Mutaaattori/Mutator Kesto
AFCGT   Two Legged Dog AFCGT - Subpop
The Blueness   Lady Blue Blueness, The
Squim   Mist Cave No Blade of Grass
Kirihito   Metaric Machine Da Vi De Bo
Old Man Gloom   The Volcano Christmas
Edward Ka-spel   Harvester Dream Logik Part One
William A. IV   Post Election News Baghdad Music Journal
Seiichi Yamamoto   Baptism Baptism
Sovetskaya Gone   They Leaped Like Deer On The Moon of Jupiter & Kissed The Sashweights and Bags of Birdshot
David Thomas & Two Pale Boys   Obsession Erewhon
Richard Youngs   Tapes of Bothwell Like A Neuron
Selda   Kalenin Dibinde Tas Ben Olaydim '71
Oaxacan   Track Six Oaxland
Rangda   Plain of Jars False Flag
Nymphs   Just One Happy Day Nymphs
Nux   Rabid Dogma Barks Sermons Signal, The
Kammerflimmer Kollectief   Hysteria Hysteria
Yuganaut   Wrenchwork Sharks
Keeler   Past Lives Age of the Inventor, the
The Chickens   Drug (life) Chicken Shit
Suffrajett   Sticks Suffrajett
Stereolab   Low Fi Low Fi
Bobby Beausoleil   Penumbra Lucifer Rising Suite, The
Armageddon   Oh Man Cloud Cuckooland
Christian Kiefer/Sharron Kraus   Cold Blue Moon Black Dove, The
Philippe Petit & Friends   When a Seahorse Meets a Seafish... A Scent of Garmambrosia