Terry Tyke

Wednesday 23 January 2002 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Monty Python   4 Yorkshiremen Final Rip-Off
Acid Mothers Temple &Melting..   In C In C / in E
Ellery Eskellin   Horizon Blue Vanishing Point
Hoverspace   Colors Fade [coll]: Electro-Organic VOL.1
Cinemaphonic:Soul (soundtrack)   Oddball Cinemaphonic:Soul Punch
Terminal I.F.   Untitled [coll]: Radon/T M R 2002 Tour
Earl Hines   Coquette At the Party
Captain Comatose   Chin-Chin Stroaker [coll]: Click Hop V1.0
Ceramichobs   A. E. Trip Thing Straight Outta Rampton
Herman Dune   Our Shell Lingers Turn Off the Light
Bug in (soundtrack)   Classic 2000 Bug in
The Feathers   Feind S/T
Soledad Brothers ( Side B )   Hang My Star [coll]: Surprise Package Vol 4
The Pattern   Finger Us Feverish
Mogwai   My Father My King My Father My King
Philip Jeck   Harry and Krishna Loopholes
Erik Belgum   Strange Neonatal Cry Strange Neonatal Cry
Bang on a Can   I Buried Paul Renegage Beaven
Pocket Orchestra   Blueing Knebnagauge
Gravitar   Deep and Wide Edifier
Mr. Blobby   Mr. Blobby
Bill Nelson   Cool Blue Heaven Weird Critters
Hula   Walk on Stalks Shatterd Glass 12"
The Housemartins   London 0 Hull 4 Happy Hour
The Who   Young Man Blues Live at Leeds
Double Leopards   Tapeworms and Devils and ... A Pebble in Thousands of ...
Kammerflimmer Kollektief   Mond? Maander
Gilles Gobeil   Derriere La Porte La Plus El Dans Le Silence De La Nuit
Joe Mcphee   Underground Railroad Underground Railroad
Tied + Tickled Trio   Konstantinopel Electric Avenue Tapes
Scanner   Two [coll]: Modulation & Tran... 2
Four Tet   Glue of the Would Pause
Makoto Kawabata/Richard Yungs   Untitled (Orange) S/T
Keiji Haino   What Stalking Fate! A Challenge to Fate
Peter Brotzmann/Hopkins/Drake   A Side Untitled Atlanta Concert, the