Thom Ankhs

Monday 31 January 2011 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Flaming Fire   Never Been to Spain Flaming Fire / Magic Is Kuntmaster
First Nation   Braided Metal Coronation
Negativland   Michael Jackson Escape From Noise
Centuries   Born that Way Space Is no Place
Fortress of Amplitude   Loom of Doom Loom of Doom
Sudden Infant   Noise Relaxation Invocation of The Aural Slave Gods
Venetian Snares   Husikam Rave Dojo Pink + Green
Fuck Buttons   Okay, Let's Talk About Magic Street Horrrsing
Health   Courtship Health
Health   Zoothorns Health
Cmcd   Parade Rer Cmcd
Tetuzi Akiyama   Three Small Pieces Spectra - Guitar In The 21st Century
Gastr Del Sol   Hello Spiral Upgrade & Afterlife
Alvarius B   You Only Live Twice Baroque Primitiva
P.A.R.A.   Seaspace Chrysalis Mermalien
Sounds of The Sea Vol. 1   2000 Fathoms Down, 200 Miles Out, Pac. Sounds of The Sea Vol. 1
Ladonna Smith   Lathaneis (To Lie Hidden) Rare Earth
James Ferraro   Side B Clear
Los Amis   What Have You Seen Pentecostes Vibrations : Spanish Xian Garage Psych & Beyond
Sounds of American Doomsday...   Decree 10.5 Church Universal & Triumphant
Cat Power   You May Know Him Moon Pix
Idaho Joe Windslow   Heaven's a Booby Trap Smoke Your Fear
Spykes   Citizens Dream of a New City
Von Haze   Sooner Or Later Von Haze
Suicide   Cool As Ice Alive
the soft moon   into the depths
Cocteau Twins   Wax and Wane Pink Opaque, the
Dan Deacon   Snookered Bromst
Avey Tare   Lucky 1 Down There
Monostadt 3   The Original Fresh Friends Forever The Manes Pt 1 Experiment 8-2
Los Llamarada   a Current (chemicals) Restless Light, The
Winsor Damon Beast   Unfarghen Speech Organs, The
Susumu Yokota   Her Feminineness Kaleidoscope
Kraus   Stalking Horse Faster Than The Speed of Time
Peaking Lights   Birds of Paradise Wet Hair / Peaking Lights
The Sky Does Not Care About Me   Path Mysterious Place
Winter Drones   Bongs Dream Blood In The Coffin
Venison Whirled   1 Venison World
RST   Phantoms Sunset Limited, The