Friday 29 July 2011 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Al Qaeda   Untitled Al Qaeda / NRYY
Pulse Emitter   Tree Lined Asphalt Spiritual Vistas
Ghost Box Orchestra   Rhythm Hills Jam Spring Tour 2011
Prisoners Go Go Band   We All Evaporate (solo Piece By The Doctor of Plastic) Live At The Butchery With Special Guests On Fire
Cheer-accident   Provincial Din No Ifs, and Or Dogs
Shinji Masuko   Woven Music For Blue Steppe Woven Music
Johann Johannsson   They Being Dead Yet Speaketh Miners' Hymns, The
Master Musicians of Bukkake   Side A- Untitled Elogia De La Sombra
Iibiis Rooge   Yellow Breeze Iibiis Rooge
Oval   Kreak Liturgy / Oval
Follakzoid   IV, III, II, I Follakzoid
Burmese   1 Lun Yurn
Egypt Is The Magick   Process-upload- Consciousness Valentine Process, The
Evans/Pluta/Altieri   Sum and Difference A Sum and Difference
Akimbo   Tower of the Elephant Forging Steel and Laying Stone
The Ex & Tom Cora   Batium Scrabbling at the Lock
Dirty Three   Authentic Celestial Music Ocean Songs
Battles   Wall Street Gloss Drop
Chelsea Wolfe   Moses Grime and The Glow, The
Chicopid   (Title in Japanese) Bears Are not Real V.1
Grindlestone   Fragments of Past Sounds Tone
Extraordinary Popular Delusions   Treadmill to Obliviousness Apocryphal Fire In The Warehouse, and Other Explanations
Floating Flower   Yasei no Uma no Tategami Ga 1ST & 2ND