Cy Thoth

Thursday 29 September 2011 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Megaton Leviathan   a Slow Death In a Mirror Water Wealth Hell On Earth
Emeralds   Magic Solar Bridge
The Shadow Ring   1.1 Dont Open The Window Life Review (1993-2003)
Phurpa   Fundamental Mantra of Bon Trowo Phurnag Ceremony
Veljo Tormis   How Can I Recognize My Home Litany to Thunder
William Fowler Collins/Gog   Fire In The Valley Malpais
Daniel Menche   Tunnel Falls, Eagle Creek Trail, Columbia River Gorge Raw Fall
Wolvserpent   Side 1: Wolv Bloodseed
Oren Ambarchi/Jim O'Rourke   Indeed A Indeed
Cheater Slicks   CDR Parts I - II (Live @ Skylab - 2009) Bats In The Dead Trees
Weedeater   Side 1 Jason... The Dragon
Joe Preston and Daniel Menche   Cerberic Doxology Cerberic Doxology
Sutekh Hexen   Serpents Luciform
Pombagira   Down of The Black Sun Eagle Twin & Pombagira
Disembowelment   A Burial at Ornans (CD 2) Transcendence Into The Peripheral/Dusk
Evil Wrath   Death Symptom Pagan Rites/Evil Wrath
Bosse-de-Nage   The Lampless Hours S/T
Marblebog   In The Valley Split
Noothgrush   Hatred For The Species Live For Nothing
Bacchus   Collapse Bacchus/ Burning The Prospect
Bruxers   Never Ending Seas Bruxers
Trees   Nothing Trees
Burning Witch   History of Hell(Crippled Lucifer) Crippled Lucifer
Burzum   Havannal Ragnarok(A New Beginning)