Pete Dixon

Monday 17 October 2011 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
The Wedding Present   Come Play with Me Hit Parade 1
Big City Orchestre   Night of The Swallow Our Life In The Bush of Kate
Queen Victoria   The Prisoner's Song There Will Come Soft Rains
Raving Madd   Boundaries Psychedelic Exprince 2
The Murkins   Character Assassination Out of Their Mouths and Into Your Head
The Monkees   Your Auntie Grizelda More of
Nothing People   Improv 3 Late Night
Richard Hell   The Kid With The Replaceable Head & the Voids the Kid with The-
La Revolucion De Emiliano Zapata   If You Wanna Know La Revolucion De Emiliano Zapata
Memorize The Sky   Side A Creeks
Kaleidoscope   Dive Into Yesterday Please Listen To The Pictures
Big Star   September Gurls #1 Record/Radio City
D. A. F.   Kebab Traume (live) NME/Rough Trade C81
Kid Prince Moore   Ford V-8 Blues Kid Prince Moore: 1936-1938
Sam Theard   Get Your Mind On It Sam Theard (1929-1930)
Minnie Wallace   Field Mouse Stomp Memphis Girls (1929-1935)
Peg Leg Howell   Doin' Wrong Peg Leg Howell Vol. 1 (1926-1927)
Tommy Johnson   Black Mare Blues (take 1) Tommy Johnson (1928-1929)
Willie Hatcher   They're Mean To Me Chicago Blues Roots - Vol. 3 (1934-1936)
Frank Tannehill   Parted Down Blues Frank Tannehill (1932-1941)
Dan Pickett   That's Grieving Me Dan Pickett - 1949 Country Blues
Majutsu No Niwa   Ecstatic Crystallization 1 Ecstatic Crystallization
Kitchen's Floor   116 Look Forward to Nothing
Milk Maid   Not Me Yucca
Duffy   Come Back, Come Back Beyond The Calico Wall
The Cambodian Space Project   Pros Kangaroo (Kangaroo Boy) 2011: a Space Odyssey
Tuscadero   Just My Size Pink Album
Random Hold   Montgomery Clift Etceteraville
Sir Guy   Let Home Cross Your Mind I Need You Baby/Let Home Cross Your Mind
Outer Limits Recordings   Plastik Child Julie / Plastik Child
Mick Turner   Rosa 2 Marlan Rosa
V. Majestic   Freudis Sexualis Pts. 1 & 2 V. Majestic
The Dead Westerns   Staring Wallpaper Silence
We Drew Lightning   Unique Swimming with Orange
5AM Event   Hungry Rubble 10: Professor Jordan's Magic Soundshow
San Ul Lim   Even If Nothing is Said 3
Remora   Let's Fall In Love Scars Bring Hope
Erkin Koray   Olmayinca Olmuyor Mechul
The Shadow Ring   1.1 Dont Open The Window Life Review (1993-2003)