abacus finch

Tuesday 17 January 2012 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:03pm Orchid   Epilouge of a Carcrash Chaos Is Me Ebullition
2:06pm Lake of Dracula   Four Teachers Skeletal Remains Savage Land
2:09pm Andy Ortmann/John Wiese   Obituary Recorder Out of Tune Nihilist Records
2:15pm Of Cabbages and Kings   Bud Purge/Sound League
2:23pm Insayngel   Insayngel Heavy Tapes
2:31pm Mamaleek   My Body Rock 'long Fever Kurdaitcha Enemies List Home Recordings
2:35pm Asshole Parade   As Nails Rust Live In Rostock, Germany to Live a Lie
2:36pm Olekranon   Deadlights Listerga Inam Records
2:43pm Saint of Killers   Hanged S/T Edgetone Records
2:48pm Glue Speed & Shinki   Someday We'll All Fall Down Eve Phoenix Records
2:53pm Jazkamer   Metal Music Machine Metal Music Machine Ass Piss
2:57pm Masakari   Salvation Reigns Prophet Feeds, The Southern Lord Recordings
3:01pm Say Bok Gwai   Not All Chinese Are Good At Math Chink In The Armor Edgetone Records
3:02pm Nk 6   Intruder Keep on Keeping on Deranged Records
3:04pm Starvation Army   I Dig Pain New Hope, The Smog Veil Records
3:05pm Napalm Jazz   Faus Cuernon Le Viandier De Taillevent No Type
3:13pm Mushroom's Patience   The Drunk Colonels Inspection Not For Sale Atro.Fact
3:17pm Blank Dolmen   Window Wuzzermatic Atro.Fact
3:20pm Orthrelm   Urthiln (Entire B Side) S/T Three.One.G
3:31pm The Fly Girlz   Love Hurtz Da' Brats From Da' Ville sockets
3:32pm Sin Dios   Scene Omerta Self -released
3:36pm Venetian Snares   Szamar Madar Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett Planet Mu Records Ltd.
3:43pm Brethren of The Free Spirit   I Am a Flower of Sharon and a Rose In The Valley Wolf Also Shall Dwell With The Lamb, The Important Records
3:47pm Nurse with Wound/Irr. App. (Ext.)   Angry Electric Finger 3 (A) Mute Bell Extinction Process Beta-Lactam Ring Records
4:00pm oper'azione nafta   /\__||\_____ cavuru Siltbreeze
4:05pm NVH/Chasny   ...no Refund Plays The Book of Revelations Yik Yak
4:10pm Jean-claude Vannier   La Girafe Au Ballon Electro Rapide Finder's Keepers Records
4:13pm Janko Nilovic   Electric Days Impressions Vol. 1 Pulp Flavor Recordings
4:15pm Os Mutantes   Hey Boy a Divina Comedia Ou Ando Meio Desligado Lilith
4:17pm T.D. Skatchit & Company   I Told You So T.D. Skatchit & Company Edgetone Records
4:20pm Ministry of Rites   Fadethrough Grid Edgetone Records
4:25pm The Abstractions   Don't Touch My Shit Sonic Conspiracy Edgetone Records
4:29pm Arrington Dionyso & Thollem Mcdonas   BlinkOf Intuition, Science and Sex Edgetone Records
4:41pm Xambuca   Bierggas Joulupukki Erototox Decodings
4:44pm IDM Theftable   You Can't Be True Dear Organ Standards: Loachfillet/IDM Theft Able Misanthropic Agenda
4:51pm Christian Marclay   Neutral Records (1981-1989) Atavistic
4:58pm Foxtails Brigade   Long Day Bread and The Bait, The
5:01pm L'infonie   Paix - Prelude Volume 333 Mucho Gusto
5:04pm George Lewis   Les Exercices Spirituels (improvisation) Les Excersices Spirituels Tzadik
5:07pm Charles Wuorinen   Natural Fantasy On Alligators Tzadik
5:19pm Alexander Berne & The Abandoned Orchestra   Flicker I Flickers of Mime / Death of Memes Innova/American Composers
5:28pm Karl Berger   Movement 7 No Man Is an Island Douglas Music
5:30pm Che Chen   Pulaski Wave (Violin Halo) Pulaski Wave (Violin Halo)/Newtown Creek Mirror Lag Pilgrim Talk
5:36pm Xenakis   Tetora (1990) String Quartets Mode Records
5:51pm Vultures Quartet & Philippe Petit   Souffle Tourbillion D'obscurite Sub Rosa
6:19pm occupy radio