Ms. Tiza

Monday 23 January 2012 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Francesco Tristano   Mambo A1 Idiosynkrasia
P.o.s.   What's That Buzzing? (clean) Bleeding Hearts Club
Sympathy Nervous   Cold Weather Automaticism
Dissent   Eclectric Company (Tommy Guerrero Remix) Wide Hive Remixed
Sad City   Jaya Gestures
Jessie May Hill   The Crucifixion of Christ Victrola Favorites
Folk Uke   Blessed and Cursed Reincarnation
Blind Lemon Jefferson   Bad Luck Blues Blind Lemon Jefferson (Vol. 2)
Lee "Scratch" Perry   Lucky Charm A4 Mighty Upsetter, The
Tappa Zukie   Natty Princess Dub Dub Em Zukie
Curtis Mayfield   We're a Winner Harlem Shuffle
Shuggie Otis   Island Letter Inspiration Information
Healamonster   Make New B Thru Underwater Hunter
Dj Goldenchyld   Ear Infections
Semen Sundae   Jelly Bean ... and Semen For All
Z-man and G Pek   Braggers and Boasters Don't Forget to Brag
Imbogodom   Report From Iron Mountain Metallic Year, The
Hail Mary Mallon   Church Pants Are You Gonna Eat That?
Hertta Lussu Assa   Electric Spaniel - Wild Nights Hertta Lussu Assa
Adventure Time   Sent From..Ft S.Williams/Sac Dreams of Water Themes
Dubkasm   Foundational Dub (Headhunter Remix) Dubkasm Remixes Part 4
Pyramids   Igloo Pyramids
Aceyalone   Sound Gun Lightning Strikes
Raymond Scott   Toy Typewriter Soothing Sounds for Baby Vol 2
Ursula Bogner   Nach Europa Sonne = Blackbox
The Fly Girlz   This Is The Real Me Da' Brats From Da' Ville
Mushroom's Patience   The Spirit of The Mountain Not For Sale
Gettovetts   Go Down! Now Take Your Balls Missionaries Moving
Sole   Salt on Everything Selling Live Water
Quantic   Absence Heard, Presence Felt ...an Announcement to Answer
Christine Shields   Frozen Water In The Sun
Sciflyer   Powerline Melt
Alps   Dean In a Bar Dead Scene
Shin Joong Hyun   Sunset Beautiful Rivers and Mountains
Chris and Cosey   City of Spirits Collectiv Four : Archive Recordings
Jandek   Part 1 Where Do You Go From Here
Scout Niblett   Just Do It! Calcination of Scout Niblett, The
Chelsea Wolfe   Advice & Vices Grime and The Glow, The
Styrofoam   Forever, You Said Forever I'm What's there to Show that
Ducktails   Seagull's Flight Landscapes
The Notwist   This Room (Fourtet/Manitoba) Different Cars and Trains
Seven Lies About Girls   Post-apocalyptic Panty Pudding Post-apocalyptic Panty Pudding (The Out Sound From Within)
SHINGO2   Since By Man Came Death War(If It Feels Good
MV Carbon   Spiral Stabilimenta Shaft, The
Dub Taylor   Lumiere (For Synthesized and Concrete Sound, Part 1) Lumiere