Abacus Finch

Tuesday 31 January 2012 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:03pm The Del-Tinos   Happy Happy Birthday Baby Del-Tinos & Hesitation Norton Records
2:05pm Wasted Youth   Happy Birthday Get Out of My Yard Open Circle Records
2:08pm Harry Partch   Happy Birthday to You! Harry Partch Collection Ipecac
2:11pm Syzygys   Pauna Grotesque Eyes on Green Tzadik Oracles
2:14pm The Unwed Teenage Mothers   Little Allie Blonde Girls Play Pinball Records
2:16pm Death Ambient   Drunken Forest Drunken Forest Tzadik
2:22pm Teiji Ito   Summer Watermill Tzadik
2:35pm Charming Hostess   Da'Ima Bowls Project, The Tzadik
2:38pm John Zorn   Cd 1 Take 1 Lacrosse Tzadik Oracles
2:45pm Pet Bottle Ningen   14 Or 9 Pet Bottle Ningen Tzadik
2:47pm Electric Masada   Metal Tov At The Mountains of Madness Tzadik
2:53pm Synapse   Mirror Room Raw Tzadik Oracles
3:03pm Radar   BGM1 Easy Listening Tzadik Oracles
3:07pm Dead C   Metalheart Part 1 Metalheart Siltbreeze
3:10pm Ground Zero   INTERNATIONAL-2 Null & Void Tzadik Oracles
3:20pm Hunton Quintet   4 Bert's Parts Unverified Records
3:35pm Children's Hospital   Left Handed Alone Together Sacred Bones Records
3:41pm Henry Cowell   Music 1957 Cowell, Henry/Kelly, R Stereo Cri
3:52pm George Crumb   Four Nocturnes (night Music Ii) Lux Aeterna / Four Nocturnes / Dream Sequence Cbs Records
4:01pm Cazukay   March to The Slaughter At Broom City Untitled Cassette 2009 Scotch Tapes
4:03pm Clang Quartet   Revival of The Wretch Part Two Revival of The Wretch Rrrecords
4:03pm Jean-claude Vannier   Electro Rapide Finder's Keepers Records
4:17pm Current 93   What Do You Think? Dawn The Final Church of the
4:21pm Fake Hospital   Never Use The Same Door Twice Psychic Sound Recordings
4:20pm AIDS Wolf   Abortifacient Dustin' Off The Sphynx Skin Graft Records
4:22pm Liver Cancer   Scum Horrible Moment Love Earth Music
4:32pm Endometrium Cuntplow   Neon Yellow Heart Attack Ecoplasty Love Earth Music
4:37pm +Dog+   Blood Blood Love Earth Music
4:43pm Instagon   Cold and Spooky Survivors of Thee Psychick Conflickt Love Earth Music
5:02pm Eric Copeland   Corn On The Cob Alien In a Garbage Dump Paw Tracks
5:04pm The Geeks   Too Fat Pig Too Fat Pig / Visiting Day At San Quentin S-S Records
5:08pm Cardiacs   The Breakfast Line A Little Man And A House And The Whole World Window Alphabet Business Concern, The
5:15pm God Is My Co-Pilot   I Kill Kids How I Got Over Ajax Records
5:16pm The Cuts   Always Anne Cuts, the Rocknroll Blitzkreig
5:21pm El Rego   Feeling You Got El Rego Daptone Records
5:25pm Black Merda   Long Burn The Fire Folks From Mother's Mixer, The Funky Delicacies
5:28pm King Tubby & The Clancy Eccles All Stars   Joe Sound System International Dub LP Pressure Sounds
5:32pm Arnold Dreyblatt   Turntable History Turntable History Important Records
mighty hannibal   hymn no. 5
5:39pm Chris and Cosey   Devil God Collectiv Four : Archive Recordings Creative Technology Institute
5:43pm Rudolph Grey   4 Hands Is Better Than None Real Evelyn McHale?, The Foreign Frequency
5:45pm Caroliner Rainbow   Fiddle with the Heart Stuck Cooking Stove Beast, the Subterranean