Curtis Kimby

Monday 5 March 2012 6:00am to 10:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:00am Muslimgauze   The Poisoner of Citrus Islama Phobia Staalplaat
6:03am Onra   Tears of Joy Chinoiseries Pt. 2 All City
6:06am Stars of The Lid   The Mouthchew and Their Refinement of The Decline Kranky
6:12am Lars Leonhard   Total Pressure 1549 Binemusic
6:19am Klaus Nomi   Icurok Simple Man RCA Records
6:24am Robert Hood   The Family Watches Omega M-Plant
6:31am Legowelt Vs. Orgue Electroniqe   Wir Leben in Pussywelt Wir Leben in Pussywelt Bunker Records
6:37am Khan   4E - "Stay Fresh" Passport Matador Records
6:43am Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek   Waltz (A Lonely Crowd) Bird, Lake, Objects Faitiche
6:51am Scanner   New York City Street Map Warhol's Surfaces Intermedium
6:57am Edward Ka-Spel   Epilogue Tanith and the Lion Tree Third Mind
7:01am Andy Stott   Bad Wires Passed Me By / We Stay Together Modern Love
7:07am Legion of Green Men   Zero Equals Infinity Spatial Specific Plus 8
7:08am Legion of Green Men   Synaptic Response Spatial Specific Plus 8
7:22am Bonobo   Stay The Same (Mark Pritchard Remix) Black Sands Remixed Ninja Tune
7:23am Susumu Yokota   Yumekui Kobito Image 1983-1998 The Leaf Label Ltd.
7:24am Fennesz + Sakamoto   0401 Flumina Touch and Go Records
7:27am Brian Eno   1/1 Ambient Music for Airports Pvc Records
7:30am CiM   Recursive Do Not Multply Models Delsin Records
7:34am Staff Party [ Azalia Snail &Co   Can I Have Never Seen You? Staff Party [ Azalia Snail &Co Detector
7:36am DJ Female Convict Scorpion   So This Is Woodstock WWZ Myspace.com/theserpentcrown
7:40am Plaid   Myopia Not for Threes Warp Records Ltd
7:43am Experimental Audio Research   Side B - Blip #1 Data Rape Space Age Recordings
7:46am Monoton   Fisch (Fish) Monotonprodukt 07 Oral
7:52am Kool Keith   Rockets on the Battlefield Black Elvis/Lost in Space Ruffhouse Records
7:56am Mudboy   Sleeper Song Hungry Ghosts!-These Songs Are Doors Not not Fun Records
7:59am Strangulated Beatoffs   Beatoffs Get Niggery S/T Open Wound
8:04am Bjorn Torske   Versjon Wolfenstein Kokning Smalltown Supersound
8:08am Tara Cross   PK-15 Tara Cross 1982-89 Vinyl on Demand
8:14am Goblin   Wild Session Profondo Rosso AMS
8:17am Diminished Men   Nurse Hair Club Six O'clock Baby Bowels of Lunacy
8:20am Harmonia   Holta-Polta Live 1974 Water
8:24am Patrick Rodriguez   Que Vida Easy Listening
8:27am Fuck Buttons   Okay, Let's Talk About Magic Street Horrrsing Atp
8:35am Mincemeat Or Tenspeed   Infinite Girlfriend Strange Gods Zum
8:40am Otomo Yoshihide   1 of 50 Locked Grooves RRR 1000 Rrrecords
8:51am Jane   Slipping Away Berserker Paw Tracks
8:53am Duran Duran Duran   Year of the Monkey Very Pleasure Cock Rock Disco
8:57am Prince Rama   Trust Trust Now Paw Tracks
9:03am Xdugef/Jolthrower   Technical Difficulties/No Carbs No Calories (TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA) 13,000 Milliseconds Ratskin Records
9:03am Throbbing Gristle   What a Day Greatest Hits Rough Trade
9:08am Frank Alpine   DARK PLACES Frank Alpine Wierd Records
9:16am Ezee Tiger   For the Sweater Kids S/T Ghetto Kitty Island Recor
9:17am Embrace of Thorns   Atonement Ritual Atonement Ritual Nuclear War Now! Product
9:21am White Mice   Cheesus Saves Mouse of Mendes Oh No, Noise
9:24am Bruxers   Nuclear Wind Bruxers self
9:25am Bird   Vindictive Words Little Pilgrims self
9:26am Bathtub Shitter   Fuck You Wall of World Is Words Power It Up
9:27am Melt-Banana   Eye-Q Trader Scratch or Stitch Skin Graft Records
9:29am Buried At Birth   How Much Do Clothes Cost Force/Quit Give Praise Records
9:33am Ludicra   Faith Won't Set You Free Tenant,The Profound Lore Records
9:43am Hirax   Broken Neck Barrage of Noise Deep Six
9:45am Skarp   Reclaim Requiem Important Records
9:48am Melvins   Hog Leg Eggnog Boner Records
9:51am Point Line Plane   Crystal Skeleton Point Line Plane Xeroid/Extravertigo
9:54am Foot Village   Crow Call Friendship Nation Tome
9:57am Ruins Alone   EQUESSPALDHO Ruins Alone Skin Graft Records