eveningly infinitely wipes

Tuesday 20 March 2012 2:00am to 7:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:05am Mimeo   Side B Wigry Monotype
2:19am AMK   Gen-Ken and The Birds Lonesome Echo, The Transparency
2:22am Fibrillation   Narrow Channel My Axis Is Undone Sixth Sun
2:26am Fibrillation   Chimes My Axis Is Undone Sixth Sun
2:29am Contagious Orgasm   a Present Spot Drinking The Goat's Blood Record Label Records
2:33am Telepherique   Weltgeschehen Contact #1 Msbr
2:52am Handful of Dust   Fama Fraternitatis Now Gods, Stand Up For Bastards/the Philosophick Mercury Hermes
3:19am Alvin Curran   Romulus and Remus Make a Ruc Lost Marbles Tzadik Oracles
3:22am Mario Davidovsky   Electronic Study No. 1 Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center CBS Records /Columbia
3:29am John Bischoff   Sidewalk Chatter (2010) Audio Combine New World Records
3:49am Masaki Batoh   Kumano Codex 1 Brain Pulse Music Drag City
3:49am Lelio Camilleri   Web Computer Music Edizioni Musicalli Edipan
3:52am Cazukay   b Untitled Cassette 2009 Scotch Tapes
4:00am Philip Samartzis/Gunter Muller/Voice Crack   bleep_block Wireless_Within For 4 Ears Records
4:19am Disjecta   True Love By Normal True Love By Normal Polyfusia
4:27am Nicola Ratti   Twin Set 220 Tones Die Schachtel
4:33am Chris Carter   The Old Man Died Electronic Ambient Remixes Three Conspiracy International
4:35am Jason Urick   Syndromes I Love You Thrill Jockey Records
4:41am Elektriktus   Power Allucination Electronic Mind Waves Ictus
4:47am From The Mouth of The Sun   Sitting In a Roofless Room Woven Tide Experimedia
4:51am Heart Land   Stone Pillars Capped Like Mushroom's Dwarf Heart Land Cream of Turner
4:54am Experimental Audio Research   Automatic Music Pestrepeller Ochre Records
5:05am Andrea Polli/Joe Gilmore   Cycles N. Andrea Polli
5:13am Prurient   God Is True and Every Man a Liar Wrapped In The Flame of Illusion, Masked In The Clay of ... Dais
5:17am Bee Mask   The Book of Stars Vibrating Elegy For Beach Friday Spectrum Spools
5:21am [coll]: Cock ESP/Al Qaeda   2b Music For Two Cassette Players EF Tapes
5:26am Antigodlin to Auld Clottie   Wet Ground Drying Consumed ???
5:30am Entre Vifs   Futurliebe Dedication Rrrecords
5:36am Illusion of Safety   Nothing Promised He Delivers Compositions in D Mino Gender-Less Kibbutz
5:44am The East Village Other   12345 Electric Newspaper, Hiroshima. ESP
5:45am Prurient   God Is Truth and Light His Shadow Wrapped In The Flame of Illusion, Masked In The Clay of ... Dais
5:57am Hair Police   Out of The Empty Quarter Empty Quarter, The Troubleman Unlimited
6:08am The Hanatarash   Aids-A-Delic Public Bath
6:14am Chris Herbert   Mezzotint Kranky
6:35am John Williams   73 Star Wars: A New Hope Rca Victor/ Bmg
6:35am Eric Bogosian   Wxtc Eric Bogosian Neutral Records