Curtis Kimby

Saturday 26 May 2012 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:05pm Bugger Sod   Look to the Left / To The Right Sampler Lissy's
3:05pm People Like Us & Wobbly   Pick Up Music For The Fire Illegal Art
3:08pm Anonymous   The Walking the Dog Pick Up Picking Up Girls Made Easy! Suprafreak Records
3:14pm The Apes of God   How to Pick Up Girls Part 1 How to Pick Up Girls Oracular Laboratory Recor
3:25pm Hannu   Suruista Suurin Worms In My Piano Osaka
3:28pm Musette   Night, Night, Night Drape Me In Velvet Hapna
3:33pm Johann Johannsson   Karen Byr Til Engil Englaborn Touch
3:36pm ELEKTRO4   The Explain Nation Keystroke One Bully Records
3:43pm Bugger Sod   Under Control Sampler Lissy's
3:44pm Wormhole Effect   Get Off My Lawn Bastard Musicians of Mesmer, T Teenaction
3:49pm The Wisdom of Harry   Pure Gold Henry Wisdom of Harry, the Wurlitzer Jukebox
3:55pm Mr. Chop   Greddy G Switched On Now Again Records
3:58pm Ken Kesey   Ken Babbs and Harmonica Acid Test, The Sound City Productions
4:01pm Harell Lucky & Sharron   The Body Clap Peas Poridge Hot E.P. Stones Throw
4:02pm Printed Circuit   Gimme Aibo Gimme Aibo Elefant Records
4:07pm Sir Alice   Comptime ? Tigersushi
4:13pm Neila   Basketcase Ft. DJ Ethos Better Late Than Never Avatar
4:16pm Tape   Noises From a Hill Opera Hapna
4:21pm Big Poo Generator   Hound Dog Part 1 Please Kill Us C/Z
4:23pm Idea Fire Company   Romance Music From The Impossible Salon Kye
4:33pm Telegraph Melts   Every Day a Sunrise, A Summer Every Year Ilium Absolutely Kosher Records
4:34pm Hunchback   Beautiful Werse Houses Sacred Bones Records
4:42pm Lord Tang   Friends Lord Tang Gigante Sound
4:47pm Silentist   Static Teeth Nightingales Celestial Gang
4:50pm XYX   Anel and Her Problem Sistema De Terminacio Sexualis S-S Records
4:51pm Xiu Xiu   Gul Mudin Always Polyvinyl Record Company
4:55pm Ove Naxx   Jinginaki Punxxx!!! Donna Summer Vs. Ove Naxx AD AAD AT
4:57pm Thollem/Rivera   I Know the Language I'll Meet You Half Way Out.. Thollem
4:59pm Candie Hank   Kids Stay United Groucho Running Soniq
5:01pm Blockhead   Tools of The Industry Interludes After Midnight Ninja Tune
5:08pm Hollywood Stunts   Sieg Hollywood Hollywood Stunts Big Neck Records
5:10pm Witchcraft By a Picture   Vital Organ Transplant Fail. Magic Bullet Record Compy
5:12pm Today's Sounds   Let's Turkey Trot Songs of Spiritual Uplift Amarillo Records
5:14pm Jeff Bright and the Sunshine   Trouble,Trouble,Trouble She's a Nail in My Heart Star Tone
5:16pm The Hussy   Hard to Erase Hussy, The Eradicator Recrods
5:20pm All of Them Witches   Every Napkin Has a Story Breathers Vs. Drivers Advanced Alternative
5:23pm Coyle & Sharpe   Maniacs In A Living Hell The Insane (But Hilarious) World of Coyle & Sharpe Warner Bros.
5:35pm Petty Booka   Pretty Girls Don't Cry Ukulele Lady Seven Gods Records
5:39pm Gerogerigegege   Document Two Life Documents Fourth Dimension Records
5:44pm Bobby Phisher   Necromantix Deer Hunting Deer Self Released
5:46pm Tuxedo Killers   Lowball M.Night Shyamalan's... Furniture Records
5:48pm The Dreams   Out of Eyes Morbido kill shaman
5:49pm Hoopdreams   Despair Dark Summer Dymaxion Groove
5:52pm Cex   Curse Show Get Your Badass on 555 Recordings
5:56pm Teengenerate   Flying Over You Flying Over You Bag of Hammers
5:58pm Edith Massey   Big Girls Don't Cry Big Girls Don't Cry/Punks, Get Off The Grass Egg Records