Wednesday 17 October 2012 6:00am to 10:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:06am Acid Mothers Temple & Melting Paraiso U.F.O   Dark Side of the Black Moon Dark Side of The Black Moon: What Planet Are We On? Important Records
6:23am Particle Being Trio   Relative of Light Post Terrestrial Volume One Debacle Records
6:25am Drums & Tuba   Brain Liaters Mostly Ape Righteous Babe Records
6:31am Titan   Acide Cerveau Fracas Du Rayonnement Uchuu Part IV: Obelisk.. Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 10 KFJC
6:41am Overhang Party   Hatsu Netsu Live 1994.8.22 at Show Boat Pataphysique Records
6:48am Ta' Phuy/Khamsa   teum singing/ sngkuul mouth organ Bamboo On The Mountains Smithsonian/Folkways
6:53am Lights in a Fat City   Thunder Somewhere City of Tribes
7:02am Orthrelm   Ov Ov Ipecac
7:15am The Iceburn Collective   Polarity Polar Bear Suite Iceburn Records
7:17am Pandit Chaudhuri   Tintal Soul of Tabla, the Interworld Music
7:22am Konono No. 1   Ditshe Tshiekutala Lubuaku Terp Records
7:33am Ckw Trio   Augmented Is, the Black Hat Records
7:39am Zarigani$   S.E (Kenta Suzuki) Avocado Natural Hi-Tech
7:51am Darto   Paradise All Eyes Self Released
7:53am Pretty Lightning   an Old Wive's Tale There Are Witches In The Woods Fonal Records
7:57am Ombre   Weight Those Words Believe You Me Asthmatic Kitty Records
8:01am Ectoplasm Girls   In Heaven TXN Ideal Recordings
8:08am Deep Listening Band   Jungle Howl Needle Drop Jungle TAIGA Records
8:16am Asian Women On The Telephone   Orgon Beat Live From The Devil's Triangle Vol 15 KFJC
8:20am Axis:Sova   (I Feel Like) Laying Low Weight of a Color kill shaman
8:28am Frank Rosaly   Track 02 Centering and Displacement Utech Records
8:34am Anatomia   Funeral Feast Shreds of Putrefaction Nuclear War Now! Product
8:43am Rwake   The Culling Rest Relapse Records
8:46am Motelli Skronkle   Riemuvoitto Vahan Multaa Paalle Fonal Records
8:47am Kuan   N Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 13 KFJC
8:55am Us Christmas   Thin The Herd Bad Heart Bull Play The Assassin
9:02am 400 Blows   The Average Guy Angels Trumpets and Devils... Gold Standard Laboratoris
9:07am Sleeping People   Klinik Notruf Temporary Residence Ltd.
9:13am Flasket Brinner Disc 3   Bullen Swedish Radio Rec. 1970-1975 S.R. Records
9:20am Schaltkreis Wassermann   Sex Is Out Ich Bin Geklont Schaltkreis Wassermann Private Music
9:27am The Resonance Ensemble   Fabric Monument (for Czeslaw Milosz) What Country Is This? Not Two
9:32am Conscious Summary   Hanging From a Tree Brown Jackets Self-released
9:36am Plagal Grind   Blackout Making Losers Happy Drag City
9:44am David Mitchell   Theme Song Dunedin Sound, the KFJC
9:56am Marble Sheep   Count Five Gate of Heavenly Body, the Funfundvierzig
9:56am Solid Attitude   (Cool) With Me BB Gun Picnic Rotted Tooth Recordings