Surfer Rosa

Sunday 21 October 2012 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:02pm Anworth Kirk   Lace Arcadium Shacklecross Pre-Cert Home Entertainment
10:10pm Darth Fader/Scarecrow Willie   Break 8 Bionic Booger Breaks Dirt Style
10:10pm Audio Werner   Anytime (45RPM) Rushograph E.P. Minibar
10:11pm Richard Ramirez   Instigator (titpig) Swimming Hole, The Love Earth Music
10:13pm John Orsi   Companion Wheel a Room For The Night It's Twilight Time
10:15pm Ectoplasm Girls   We Are TXN Ideal Recordings
10:21pm Masayoshi Urabe   Kampanerura II Kampanerura Utech Records
10:24pm Particle Being Trio   Free Energy Post Terrestrial Volume One Debacle Records
10:36pm Leafcutter John   Woods and Rivers Concourse E.E.P. Planet Mu Records Ltd.
10:43pm Mort Garson   Wind Dance (3:23) ATARAXIA: Electronic Musical Impressions of The Occult Rca Records
10:49pm IBM   Untitled Oval Recording, The Mego
10:53pm Buttonhead   Kitson 3D Opera Whale Horse Arm
10:55pm Alastair Galbraith/Alex Neilson/Richard Youngs   Firelore Belsayer Time Time-Lag
10:56pm Warbler   You Have Been Warned Warbler/ Bromp Treb Deathbombarc
10:58pm K-the-i???   The Third Planet (Feat. Sole) Synesthesia Fake Four Inc.
11:03pm Immortal Technique   Dominant Species Revolutionary Vol. 1 Viper Records
11:07pm Koushik   Be With Stones Throw 101 Stones Throw
11:14pm Eli Keszler   #4 Tilt REL Records
11:14pm Sick City Four   Burundi Punchclock Furlong & Sick City Four Gubbey Records
11:18pm Kolkhoze Printanium   Our Faces At "The Motown" (Part B) Kolkhoznitsa D'Autres Cordes
11:26pm Asian Women On The Telephone   Orgon Beat Live From The Devil's Triangle Vol 15 KFJC
11:30pm Con Demek   Oven Rake / Con Demek Fourth Dimension Records
11:36pm Blanketship   American Tony Pleated Shorts Gigante Sound
11:36pm Hafez Modirzadeh   Wolf Two-bass Solo Post-chromodal Out! Pi Recordings
11:39pm The Master (Greenwood, Jonny)   Able-Bodied Seaman Master, The Nonesuch
11:44pm Mikhail   Future Xenofonia Sub Rosa
11:49pm Damian Catera   Well Tempered Algorithm Bach: The Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 Praxis Classics
11:50pm Dion Mcgregor   Bleeding Tree Further Somniloquies Of, The Torpor Vigil Industries
11:53pm Yannis Kyriakides/Andy Moor   Delias Rebetika Unsounds
11:59pm Unholy Two   Razor Cut The Music (I'm The Nightstalker) 12XU
12:06am Voetsek   Immoral Majority Voetsek / Mind of Asian Deep Six Records
12:09am Eets Feats   Ghost Slacks Summer Flexi Series Rotted Tooth Recordings
12:09am Sissy Spacek   Gloves Contretemps Post Present Medium
12:13am Bell Witch   I Wait Demo 2011 Self-released
12:26am Crash Normal   Your Body Got a Land Your Body Got a Land kill shaman
12:29am The Shrapnelles   Desert Furs Shrapnelles, The HoZac Records
12:32am La Stpo   Track 5 Le Combat Occulte Beta-Lactam Ring Records
12:36am Conscious Summary   Millions Of... Brown Jackets Self-released
12:40am Primitive Calculators   Sick of Myself Sick / Cunt Chapter Music
12:45am Blue Sausage Infant   Space Flight of The Solstice Queens Zeromoon
12:53am Comiskey   Sonnie Relays Self Released
12:59am Alvin Curran With Rova Saxophone Quartet   Little Him-Lo Main Electric Rags II New Albion
1:03am Gareth Hardwick   Sunday Afternoon Part One Sunday Afternoon Low Point
1:08am Blaster AL Ackerman   Gobbling Side I Am Drunk Ehse Records
1:08am DDDD   Redundant Edifice Frustration Music Love Earth Music
1:09am Nehemiah St-Danger   Overture to The Rotting Rainbows of Babylon Slow and Painful Birth of Nehemia St-Danger, The Post-Consumer
1:16am Rongwrong   epiphany revers pt. 2 epiphany obvers epiphany revers Obuh Records
1:18am Nazoranai   Not to Leave Everything to The Light Outside of You But To.. Nazoranai Editions Mego
1:23am EKG   Drift electricals Another Timbre
1:23am A Broken Consort   The River Crow Autumn Tompkins Square
1:35am Crank Sturgeon   broomk.nojz Mashacoustic Love Earth Music
1:44am Bill Laswell/Tetsu Inoue   Monochrome Existence Cymatic Scan Subharmonic
1:44am Akifumi Nakajima   Locked Groove #8 RRR 500 Rrrecords
1:47am King Blood   I'll Take What's Mine Vengeance, Man Richie Records
1:51am Frank Rosaly   Track 01 Centering and Displacement Utech Records
1:50am Liquorball   Untitled One Live Liquorball Feast