abacus finch

Tuesday 6 November 2012 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:01pm Elliott Carter   Symphony of Three Orchestras Symphony of Three Orchestras.. Columbia Records
2:02pm Hair Police   Intrinsic to The Execution Certainty of Swarms No Fun
2:12pm Sixtoo   Sultry Ft. Steffi On Cello Almost a Dot On The Map. The Psyche Years Vertical Form
2:17pm Winters In Osaka   Alone In Norilsk (Smog and Ghost) Clandestine Crown Tapes
2:18pm Oh No   Melody Mix Dr.No's Ethiopium Disruption Productions
2:21pm Prawnyxx   India Prawnyxx Self Released
2:25pm Obnox   Tia Vincent Rojo Permanent Records
2:28pm Jesus with Me   And They Sang a New Song S/T Psych-O-Path Records
2:45pm Daniel A.I.U. Higgs   Unknown 4 (3:41) Plays The Mirror of The Apocalypse and Other Songs Open Mouth
2:50pm Impaled Nazarene   Damnation (Raping The Angels) Impaled Nazarene/Beherit Unknown
2:55pm Mizuko   Azbongazeeowzhi Happily Never After Crucial Blast
2:58pm Crank Sturgeon   floodganges Mashacoustic Love Earth Music
3:00pm Ju Suk Reet Meate   Untitled (4:52) Solo 78 / 79 De Stijl Records
3:05pm Neil Campbell/Robert Horton   Slush Flotsam Bunny Trojandropper Zum Media
3:12pm Axis:Sova   Dopamine Boomerang (I Feel Like) Laying Low / Dopamine Boomerang kill shaman
3:16pm Uzi Rash   Holes in the Walls I Was 30 In 2012 Volar Records
3:19pm Iibiis Rooge   A Hespherides Weird Forest Records
3:28pm Noam Chomsky   Political System in USA
3:38pm Con Demek   Oven Rake / Con Demek Fourth Dimension Records
3:46pm Jumbo's Killcrane   Gasmouth Carnaval De Carne Crucial Blast
3:51pm MRSA   Fake MRSA S/r
3:52pm Dead Man   The Trap - Damnation Dead Man Flenser
4:00pm Hans Grusel's Krankin Kabinet   Soundtracks From The Mask (eyes of Satan) Hans Grusel's Krankin Kabinet/Diatric Puds & The Blobbettes Cold Duck
4:00pm Slavoj Zizek   Things cannot go on they way they are guardian interview
4:06pm Jeff Carey   Step Interrupt-Decay CWnil
4:11pm Firewater   A Little Revolution International Orange! Bloodshot Records
4:15pm Zach Hill and Barr   Parallel Patchwork Abduction Shred Earthship 5RC
4:22pm Infidel?/Castro!   Mobius Case Studies in Bioentropy Teenaction
4:31pm DDDD   Frustration Music Frustration Music Love Earth Music
4:34pm freedomain radio   the story of your enslavement
4:40pm Anworth Kirk   Catholics Guild Shacklecross Pre-Cert Home Entertainment
4:52pm Insect Warfare   Enslaved By Machinery World Extermination 625thrash
4:54pm Amort   Fieber Winter Tales Kreation Records
5:00pm Anka Draugelates and Leonard   Tor Des Meeres Portholes Great Hoary Marmot Records
5:06pm Roel Meelkop   Parte II 1 (Veramente Morto) Korm Plastics
5:12pm Corb Lund   Drink It Like You Mean It Cabin Fever New West Records LLC
5:16pm Lucky Dragons   Wooden Cave Loop Dream Island Laughing Language Marriage Records
5:20pm Trin Tran   It's a Burn Dark Radar Drag City
5:22pm Trin Tran   Dark Radar Dark Radar Drag City
5:24pm Lumerians   A1 Transmissions From The Telos: Vol. IV Permanent Records
Bok Bok   One of 10 Loops Compact 7 - Alienloops EP Normoton
5:34pm Antibalas   Him Belly No Go Sweet Antibalas Daptone Records
5:41pm Bunny Lee   Give Me Dub Version Master Presents The Roots of Dub, The Jamaican Recordings
5:44pm Slight Slappers   give me love and truth Asshole Parade/Slight Slappers No Idea
5:48pm William Hooker/Lee Ranaldo   Culture / not Practice Envisioning Knitting Factory, the