Surfer Rosa

Sunday 16 December 2012 10:00pm to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:07pm Giant Dwarf   Arthur's Starship Rabbitwood Engine Studios
10:15pm Theo Angell   Cannonball And to The Disciples That Remain Amish Records
10:18pm Johnnie Temple   What Is that Smells Like Gra 1935-1939 Document Records
10:22pm Ernst Ensemble Reijseger   Book of Job My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done Winter & Winter
10:28pm Teen Anal Terrorist   Track 9 Warm Blatz For Teenage Runaways Savage Quality Recordings
10:32pm Null and Void   Japanese Forest Possibilities (Discoverable Thoughts) Bunkerpop
10:33pm Jim Coleman   Night Blindness An Ear for a Leg Heartpunch
10:38pm Bill Peet   The Wump World
10:52pm Sun Foot   SUN FOOT (does that mean I dont have a...) Songs In The Key of R, B & C Awesome Vistas
11:05pm Crystalized Movements   Magic Potion Blow of Oblivion Twisted Village
11:05pm Demarnia Lloyd   Anything Trace Arclife
11:08pm Steven R. Smith   Birr Trull Gehenna Belvedere Autopia
11:12pm Mika Vainio   Elvis's TV Room FE304- Magnetite Touch
11:17pm Ido Bukelman/Daniel Davidovsky/Ofer Bymel   You Could Be EFT Out Now Recordings
11:22pm Zombies Under Stress   Let My Blood Be a Seed of Fr Answering Machine Solu Staalplaat
11:25pm Snowsuit*   The Sun Renewal Doggpony
11:27pm Peter Seligman   FAV32 Swing Freeze EP Self Released
11:34pm Throbbing Gristle   United D.O.A. Industrial Records
11:34pm Mark Eden   Cremation Science Art of The Virtual Rhythmicon Innova/American Composers
11:39pm Billy Bang   One for Albert A Confederacy of Dances Vol.I Einstein
11:42pm No Track Names Audio Dispatch 01 Screw Music Forever
11:43pm Enter By Hand   Enter By Hand Anomalous Silencer Napal Med
11:45pm Strotter Inst.   2 Schlepper Brutal Sound Effects
11:51pm Sujo + Sun Hammer   Qila Fistula Inam Records
11:56pm Burroughs, William S with Ian...   Silver Smoke of Dreams Adventures: the WIRE20 Mute Records
12:02am The Beatles   reppeP .tgS
12:20am Roger Ericson and His Men   If I Only Had a Brain Disney Meets The Wizard London Records
12:23am Bonfanti   Getaway Dramatic Backgrounds Conroy
12:25am Roger Roger (soundtrack)   Ghost Romp Gags a Go Go Zippy Cd Company
12:27am Triplets of Belle (soundtrack)   Belleville Rendezvous Demo Triplets of Belleville Higher Octave
12:30am Touch of Evil (soundtrack)   Reflection Touch of Evil Varese Sarabande
12:35am Paul Hindemith   Concert Music For Strings and Brass, Part 1 Concert Music For Strings and Brass Seraphim
12:52am Lab Rat   Mating Rituals of the Bespec Accelerating World, the Pinch a Loaf Productions
12:53am Mumia Abu-Jamal   Legalized Crime Abu-Jamal, Mumia/Man Alternative Tentacles
12:56am Desiderii Marginis   Choas Undivided Absolute Supper, the Cold Meat Industry
1:02am Golan Levin & Scott Gibbons   Orchestra Dialtones - a Telesymphony Staalplaat
1:02am Hobo Sonn   Weeping From Eyes Three, Four and Five Hobo Sonn/Decimus Kelippah
1:12am Various Interviewees   Part 2 Sex Is My Business Fax Record Company
1:19am Okkyung Lee   Home Nihm Tzadik Oracles
1:24am The Away Team   Higher Source Away Team, The/ Panabrite Hooker Vision
1:29am Reines D'angleterre   Track Five Globe Et Dynastie Bo'weavil Recordings
1:34am Panasonic   0- A Fault in the Nothing Ash International
1:44am Ergo   If Not Inertia If Not Inertia Cuneiform Records
1:44am Ladonna Smith   Lathaneis (To Lie Hidden) Rare Earth Table of the Elements
1:48am Refrigerator Mothers   Salic Trip Post-Asiatic: Lost War Dream Music Urckarm Recordings
1:55am Kamar Ruddin Z.   Endar Lela Indonesia Pop Nostalgia Sham Palace
2:07am J.D Salinger   The Laughing Man
2:45am Kidd Jordan   Speaking In Tongues On Fire 2 Engine Studios
3:07am ?????   Mama Color in Absence Sound Hell's Half Halo
3:08am Watson's, David the Wax   Whirl Wax and Wane Dr Jim's Records
3:12am The Jazz Cannon   Prison Bus "You'll Never Take Us Aliv, th Function 8
3:17am Signaldrift   Aurora Signaldrift/Pulse Prog Outward Music Company
3:22am Wobbly   Gled Ledley Regards Alku
3:24am Harry Breuer   Re-Entry to the Moon Happy Moog, the Pickwick Records
3:28am Bot23   Hoffmans Fernk Geometry Touchin' Bass
3:33am Dstar Ft. Mc Stainless Steele   Mirror Image Compound Sulphur Records
3:41am Scales   Childlike Mics The Leash and The Dinner Bell Mister Roger Bails Out of Everything Self-released
3:42am Cypress Hill   Stoned Raiders Cypress Hill 3(TEMPLES of Boom Ruffhouse Records
3:44am Strong Arm Steady & Static Selektah   Truth of The Truth Stereo Type Stones Throw
3:48am Kid Droid   Seeing Through Closed Eyes Broken Robot Droidsong Recordings
3:55am Fjellestad Hans   Cabrito 33 Accretions
4:01am Charles Dodge   Earth's Magnetic Field Columbia-princeton Electronic Music Center 1961-1973 New World
4:15am Kimonophonic   In The Presence of Everything BSBTA # 104 BSBTA (greece)
4:21am Triptet   Surfactants Figure In The Carpet Engine Studios
4:50am Jem Cohen/Fugazi   Instrument
5:47am Pharaoh Overlord   Palmyra Cali Lunar Jetman Ektro Records