Number 6

Sunday 27 January 2013 6:00am to 9:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:05am Zen Widow   This Seeming Dream Screaming In Daytime (Makes Men Forget) Pfmentum
6:11am Linea Aspera   Hinterland Linea Aspera Dark Entries
Loop 2.4.3   Waldo I American Dreamland Music Starts From Silence
6:15am Loop 2.4.3   I Knew (We Shouldn't) American Dreamland Music Starts From Silence
Scales   Sucker Punch Mister Roger Bails Out of Everything Self-released
6:22am Patrice Sciortino   Abimes Souterrains Kung Fu Super Sounds De Wolfe Ltd
6:26am Goatvermin   Jesus Flesh Cannibal
6:29am Nak'Ay   Fuck Nazi Sympathy Ives/Hot Graves/Nak'Ay/Cellgraft Primal Vomit
6:31am Cellgraft   ..Of Low Frequency/Integer (Discordance Axis Cover) Ives/Hot Graves/Nak'Ay/Cellgraft Primal Vomit
6:37am Wold   S.O.L. Freermasonry Profound Lore
Clawed   Enhydris Enhydris One Self Released
6:46am Andy Human   Break Your Face Freeze Chrome Waves Radio
6:49am Super Duper Fun Gun   ICorrupt16 Tandaan Nillacat
6:54am Jeff Davis   The Bold Privateer Civil War Naval Songs Smithsonian Folkways
6:58am Rosie Flores   Drug Store Rock and Roll Working Girl's Guitar Bloodshot Records
7:01am Vassafor   Obsidian King Obsidian Codex Parasitic
Marlo Eggplant   Arteriole Marlo Eggplant For President Scotch Tapes
7:15am Marlo Eggplant   Beddy Bye Bye Marlo Eggplant For President Scotch Tapes
7:17am Pharaoh Overlord   Rodent Lunar Jetman Ektro Records
Coppertone   Plain Trespass Plan Pussy Willow
7:34am Burial   Truant Truant Hyperdub
patterns are everywhere
Final Doctrine   Antichrist Autocracy Antichrist Autocracy Primal Vomit
7:46am Final Doctrine   Dawn of Impiety Antichrist Autocracy Primal Vomit
7:48am Final Doctrine   Contagion Riddance Antichrist Autocracy Primal Vomit
7:49am Final Dcotrine   Eradication Proclamation Antichrist Autocracy Primal Vomit
7:54am Teen Anal Terrorist   Track 8 Warm Blatz For Teenage Runaways Savage Quality Recordings
7:57am Robedoor   Empty Temple Rancor Keeper release the bats
8:05am Pallbearer   Devoid of Redemption Sorrow and Extinction Profound Lore
Scuba   Descent Triangulation Hotflush Recordings
8:16am Scuba   Latch Triangulation Hotflush Recordings
8:20am Megafuckers   Drugs II White Shit /Megafuckers Limited Appeal
Voetsek   Payback's a Bitch The Castrator Album Six Weeks
Voetsek   Gorillas in the Midst The Castrator Album Six Weeks
Voetsek   Wageslave Twist The Castrator Album Six Weeks
8:28am Wilt   Lost Your Will Has Been Broken Buried In Hell
8:36am Anna Clyne   Steelworks Blue Moth Tzadik
8:51am Drudkh   Twilight Aurora Handful of Stars Season of Mist