abacus finch

Tuesday 29 January 2013 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:00pm Gongtrain   Ise-No-Umi Secret Museum of Kind Men - Vol. 1 Casual Acid Tea
2:05pm Jpapn, Imperial Household Orch   Ise'-No-Umi Secret Museum of Man 1 Yazoo Records
2:10pm Hamiet Bluiett   Sub Jump Clarinet Family, the Black Saint
2:20pm Flaherty/Colbourne/Scholz   The Face Cydonia Tulpa Records
2:38pm Kidd Jordan   Waves of Birds On Fire 2 Engine Studios
2:45pm The Bang   Another Notch On His Belt Soul Shangri-la Psychedelephonic Records
2:48pm Markos Sifnois   Bate Koritsia Sto Horo Music of The Ottoman-American Disapora Vol I City Hall Records
2:53pm Alvin Batiste   Give It Up Or Tell Where It's At Centennial One Big Red NOLA Publishing
2:56pm There Is a Place In This Old Town   Nick Schillace Imaginational Anthem Vol 5 Tompkins Square
3:01pm Kiss The Anus of a Black Cat   The Firesky An Interlude to The Outermost (K-RAA-K)3
3:08pm Silvester Anfang   Verkracht Door Demonen Satanische Vrede (K-RAA-K)3
3:17pm The Bowles   Worrywort Bowles, The Kye
3:20pm Ahleuchatistas   Heads Full of Poison Heads Full of Poison Cuneiform Records
3:36pm A   I Am Really Good At Remembering Things, Like The Conversatio A Die Schachtel
3:42pm Eeliks:en   Nopein Eeliksen Seka Rock Rap Hiphop Suutre Teiter Fonal Records
3:43pm Eeliks:en   Hello For Kalle Suutre Teiter Fonal Records
3:43pm Eeliks:en   Nipin Eka Hitti Suutre Teiter Fonal Records
3:43pm Eeliks:en   Sienan Eka Musiikki Komp_pi Suutre Teiter Fonal Records
3:44pm Eeliks:en   Dj Dj and Dj Suutre Teiter Fonal Records
3:46pm Vapor Gourds   Magic Daggers Dagger Magic Feeding Tube Records
3:50pm Dust Collector   Wonderlost/Wanderlost/Wonderlust (Daydreams) Narcolepsy Dystopiaq
4:01pm Rhys Chatham/Jonathan Kane/DJ Elated System   Bleach Septile Ninja Tune/Ntone
4:06pm Infinitirock   ChocolateEar Music For Primordial Recollection Asthmatic Kitty Records
4:11pm Loops Haunt   Zenith Zenith Black Acre
4:14pm Markus Mehr   Only For a While On Hidden Shoal Recordings
4:21pm Dust Collector   Live in the Pit
4:51pm Darondo   My Momma and My Poppa Let My People Go Ubiquity Records
5:01pm Rokk   Patience Eccentric Soul : Omnibus Vol. 1 Numero Group
5:06pm Dust Collector   Live in the Pit
5:48pm Rainbow Arabia   Haunted Hall Kabukimono Manimal
5:51pm Native Hipsters   I Wanna Be Aroud (Paul) None
5:54pm Ake Hodell   Spirit of Ecstasy (racing Car Opera) 1977 Spirit of Ecstasy Caprice Records