Roland Blunt

Monday 11 February 2013 6:00am to 10:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:00am Warmth   Leave Your Wet Leave Your Wet Brain In The Hot Sun Digitalis Industries
6:10am Warmth   Brain In The Leave Your Wet Brain In The Hot Sun Digitalis Industries
6:16am Charlie Nothing   Inside Outside / Inside De Stijl Records
6:28am Matmos   In Search of a Lost Faculty Marriage of True Minds Thrill Jockey Records
6:34am Monolake   Unstable Matter Ghosts Imbalance
6:40am Peter Kolovos   Dry Lips New Bodies Thin Wrist
6:51am Blood Axis   The Vortex Born Again Tesco Organisation
7:02am Allerseelen   Konig Neuschwabenland Ahnstern
7:05am Allerseelen   Nornar Nagli Neuschwabenland Ahnstern
7:10am Lego Feet   Part of Part 1 Lego Feet Skam
7:16am Lego Feet   Part of Part 4 Lego Feet Skam
7:19am Wasteland   Emerge and See October Isound
7:24am Wauvenfold   Tracks#10-12 3FOLD Tiger Style
7:36am Muennich/Michael Esposito/GX Jupitter-Larsen   Heimsuchung Wraiths of Flying A Fragment Factory
7:46am Murderous Vision   The Horned Beast of Golgotha Black Hellbore - A Quiver of Arrows Phage Tapes
8:01am Birds of Passage   Fatal Melody Winter Lady Cooper Cult Records
8:09am Drcarlsonalbion   La Strega and The Cunning Man In The Smoke La Strega and The Cunning Man In The Smoke Southern Records
8:20am Tetuzi Akiyama/Taka Sugimoto/Bo Wiget   Unbekannter Titel 6 Spazieren Hokou / Periodic Drift Corpus Hermeticum
8:23am Baba Qeran   Dambura Medley Afghanistan Untouched Traditional Crossroads
8:28am Malang Nejrowi   Samples of Drum Rhythms On Zirbaghali Afghanistan Untouched Traditional Crossroads
8:33am Anna Clyne   Fits + Starts Blue Moth Tzadik
8:40am Dj Vadim   Milwakee Soundcatcher, The BBE
8:45am Dj Vadim   Aural Prostitution U.S.S.R. Repertoire (The Theor Ninja Tune
8:50am Dj Vadim   Strictly Rockers 215 Can't Lurn Imaginashun BBE
8:54am Dj Vadim   (Headz Still Aint Ready-Req. Conquest of the Irrational Ninja Tune
8:59am (Inst.)   English Breakfast Dj Vadim Ninja Tune
9:04am Jean-Jacques Perrey & Countryman   Funky Little Spacegirl Destination Space Oglio
9:10am Ricardo Villalobos   Hireklon Au Harem D'archimede, The Perlon
9:19am Terminator 2   Mortar & Masons Part 1 Self Released
9:32am Undergang   Forkullede/ De Dodes Passage Indhentet Af Doden Self Released
9:44am Vassafor   Archeonaut's Return Obsidian Codex Parasitic