Lord Gravestench

Tuesday 26 February 2013 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:01pm Throbbing Gristle   Discipline (Live Berlin) Discipline Fetish Records
10:13pm Stress   The Prayer Clock Conspiracy Theory Dark Entries
10:17pm Larsen   Annie's Rap Cool Cruel Mouth Important Records
10:24pm Half Church   Fractions 1980 - 1986 Captured Tracks
10:29pm TV Ghost   Panic Area Phantasm Sweet Rot Records
10:31pm Billy Bao   Dirt Buildings From Bilbao Burka for Everybody
10:38pm Conflict   Meat Means Murder It's Time to See Who's Who Corpus Christi
10:43pm Rudimentary Peni   Bubble E.P.'s of R.P., the Corpus Christi
10:44pm Nuit Noire   I See The Moon Between The Trees Lunar Deflagration Creatures of The Night
10:47pm Antischism   Slaughter Antischism Prank
10:50pm Menace Ruine   The Die Is Cast Die Is Cast, The ALIEN8 Recordings
10:58pm AIDS Wolf   Heaps of Sour Earth Ma Vie Banale Avant-garde lovepump united
11:01pm Protestant   Reclamation Reclamation Halo of Flies
11:05pm Dodsfalla   Clutches Death Future Bad People
11:08pm Phobia   Mercy Killing Serenity Through Pain Death Vomit Records
11:12pm Exhumed   Death Walks Behind You Anatomy Is Destiny Relapse
11:15pm Broken Hope   She Came Out in Chunks Bowels of Repugnance Hymen Records
11:19pm Hellhammer   Power of Satan Demon Entrails Century Media
11:25pm Sacrilege   A Violation Of Something Sacred Behind the Realms of Madness Children of the Revolutin
11:29pm Incantation   Profanation Onward to Golgotha Relapse Records
11:33pm Acephalix   Interminable Night Interminable Night Southern Lord Recordings
11:41pm Wilt   Echoing Wilt / Badr Vogu Hermit Records
11:44pm Knelt Rote   Usurpation Trespass Nuclear War Now! Product
11:48pm Death   Choke on It Leprosy Combat Records
11:54pm Isengard   Vinterskugge Vinterskugge
12:02am Paragon Belial   Goatspawn Nosferathu Sathanis
12:08am Tomhet   Contrachristian Caliginous Prison Tatt Records
12:16am Pale Chalice   Command of The Formless Afflicting The Dichotomy of Trepid Creation Flenser
12:25am Atrum Inritus   Aegrus Everto Prognatus In Vorago Altar of The Dead
12:30am Sale Freux   Freux Follet L'Exil
12:37am Moloch   Plague IV Depressive Black Metal Plague Prison Tatt Records
12:43am Asunder   The Fall of Elders Asunder/Like Flies O.. Life Is Abuse
12:52am Leviathan   Blood Red and True True Traitor, True Whore Profound Lore
12:59am Von   Veadtuck Satanic Blood Demo
1:03am Wold   Free Goat of Leviticus Freermasonry Profound Lore
1:12am Fecalove   Walking Toilet Bowl Void Chaos and Cum Crucial Blast
1:18am Nde   Untitled 2 Kampfbereit Cold Spring Records UK
1:23am Leaving Earth   From These Stars Ejecta Feral Fang Media
1:25am Subklinik   Pt. I Pt I : Pt II Waggletone Records
1:33am Oneohtrix Point Never   Melancholy Descriptions of Simple 3D Environments Rifts Software Records
1:38am Van Wissem, Josef & Jim Jarmusch   Flowing Light Of The Godhead Mystery Of Heaven, The Sacred Bones Records
1:48am Anduin   Lovers In Transit Abandoned In Sleep SMTG Limited
1:51am RM74   Between and Forever Two Angles of a Triangle Utech Records
1:55am Radio Free Clear Light   Chamber of Psychic Food Labyrinth of Ohgel, The Black Note Music