Greta Clue

Monday 8 April 2013 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:10pm Billy Childish   Thatcher's Children
10:10pm Crack We Are Rock   Cold As Ice Silent Fantasy Tigerbeat 6
10:10pm Zeigenbock Kopf   Death In Disguise Nocturnal Submissions TIGERBEAT6
10:11pm Acid Baby Jesus   Tooth to Toe LP Slovenly
10:13pm Acid Baby Jesus   Homo Sapiens LP Slovenly
10:13pm Larry Dirty   Rocker Slut, Super Star S/T Flying Bomb
10:21pm Catholic Discipline   Shooting Up With Mother Underground Babylon Artifix Records
10:25pm Lime Spiders   Slave Girl
10:30pm Joy Division   Dead Souls Sister Ray, Dead Souls N/A
10:33pm Moira Scar   Scarred For Life Scarred For Life Resipiscent Records
10:39pm Nuns   Suicide Child Nuns Posh Boy
10:50pm The Bobbyteens   No Time Cruisin' for a Bruisin' Estrus Records
10:50pm Useless Eaters   Addicted to The Blade Hypertension Jeffery Drag Records
10:50pm Kicks   The Secret S/t 540 Records
10:57pm Paint Fumes   Jim & Juan Uck Life Slovenly
11:03pm The Roofies   Blame It on the Roofies Blame It on the Roofies Mangina
11:13pm Lamps   Boring Girls Songs of Sexual Frustration EP S-S Records
11:13pm Loose Bruce Kerr   What's Inside a Condom Daddy Broken Records
11:13pm Blake Babies   Swill and the Cocaine Sluts Nicely,Nicely Chewbud Records
11:17pm Claude Coma and the I.V.'s   Child Molester Art From Sin Government Records
11:31pm Quintron and Miss Pussycat   Jam Skate Quintron and Miss Pussycat/Turbo Fruits Bruise Cruise
11:31pm Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin   Reverse Shark Attack Reverse Shark Attack In The Red Records
11:56pm Nurse With Wound   (IDon''t Want to Have) Easy Listening Nightmares Alice The Goon United Dairies
12:03am Charles Brown Superstar   Slut Rock Days of Our Drive Win Records
12:05am Moon Duo   Zoned Psychic Ills/Moon Duo Sacred Bones Records
12:12am Starring   Aphonia ABCDEFG-HIJKLMNOP-QRSTUV-WXYZ Northern-spy
12:23am Cheap Curls   Jackie Oh S/t Art Fag Recordings
12:25am Warm Soda   Someone For You Someone For You Castle Face Records
12:28am Haunted Hearts   House of Lords S/t Zoo Music
12:31am China White   Daddy's Little Queen Danger Zone Frontier
12:39am Salvation Army   Mind Gardens
12:39am Bobby Redbeet   Steal Your Girlfriend Ladies Love Mermaid Records
12:45am Carl Craig   Hot on the Heels of Love Mutant Throbbing Gristle Novamute
1:04am Vmw   Post-Perversion Vmw Coalition Records
1:04am Factrix   Splice of Life Artifact Storm
1:04am Sin 34   New Wave Slut Do You Feel Safe? Spinhead Records
1:09am Spray Paint   Lap Swimming Spray Paint S-S Records
1:11am Kreamy 'lectric Santa   Harry Pussy Da Bronx Sity Chikn Machine Vol 2 Starcrunch
1:17am Chin Chin   Why Am I So Lonely Sound of The Westway Slumberland Records
1:17am Nothing People   C'mon Girl C'mon Girl / Walk On S-S Records
1:18am Suzannes   Teenage Abortions Killed By Epitaph Epitaph Records
1:27am My Bloody Valentine   In Another Way MVB MVB Records
1:36am Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds   We No Who U R Push The Sky Away Bad Seed Ltd.
1:41am Dum Dum Girls   Mine Tonite End of Daze Sub Pop Records
1:41am Shellshag   Rock and Roll Ruined My Life Rumors Ni Disguise Don Giovanni Records
1:46am Adult.   Get Me Out D.U.M.E. Thrill Jockey Records
1:49am PIL   Death Disco
1:54am Kim Fowley   Mr. Responsibility Kim Fowley-Underground Dionysus Records
1:54am Marc & The Mambas   Sleaze