Honey Bear

Wednesday 19 June 2013 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:03am Weedeater   The Great Unfurling Jason... The Dragon Southern Lord Recordings
2:08am Dischange   Casualties of Greed Seeing Feeling Bleeding Nuclear Blast
2:08am Limp Wrist   I Love Hardcore Boys, I Love Boys Hardcore Official Limp Wrist Discography, The Lengua Armada
2:08am The Meatmen   I've Got a Problem Crippled Children Suck Touch and Go Records
2:10am DNA   Little Ants DNA On DNA No More Records
2:15am Godstomper   Fozzy Bear Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 10 KFJC
2:15am Essential James Bond (soundtrack)   You Only Live Twice Essential James Bond Teenaction
2:18am The Locust   Wet Dream War Machine Plague Soundscapes Epitaph Records
2:19am Buckethead   Giant Robot Bucketheadland 2 Avant
2:23am Hella   1-800-GHOST DANCE Acoustics 5 Rue Christine
2:27am Weird Paul   Tom Ate a Banana Lo Fidelity, Hi Anxiety Homestead Records
2:30am Cult Files, the (soundtrack)   Red Dwarf Interlude/Theme Cult Files, the Silva Screen Records Ltd.
2:35am Lord Buckley   The Hip Gahn Beat Generation V.2 Rhino Records
2:43am Dinosaur Jr.   The Post Bug Sst Records
2:46am Embrace   Money Embrace Dischord
2:49am Beastie Boys   Futterman's Rule Ill Communication Grand Royal
2:53am Butthole Surfers   Bar-B-Q Pope Pee Pee the Sailor Alternative Tentacles
2:58am Morphine   The Saddest Song Good Accurate Records
3:00am China White   Dangerzone Danger Zone Frontier
3:03am Timothy Leary   What Do You Turn on When You You Can Do Anything this Time Rhino Records
3:11am Big Black   Cables Hammer Party, the Homestead
3:13am Spazz   #6 to Sweatin' II Deported Live Dwarf Six Two Five Thrashcore
3:14am Agent Orange   Pipeline(Extended Version) Bitchin' Summer Posh Boy
The Mountain Goats   Against Agamemnon Bitter Melon Farm Ajax Records
3:23am Big Youth   Cinderella's Dub Dj Dubcuts Jamaican Recordings
3:26am Godzilla (soundtrack)   Godzilla Approaches 50TH Anniversary Edition La-La Land Records, Inc.
3:28am Carcinogenz   John Tanner Carcinogenz Going Underground
3:30am DJ Frane   Road to Dreamcatcher Mountain Hi Dusty Stranger Self-released
3:42am Elephant9 With Reine Fiske   The Riddler Atlantis Rune Grammofon
3:48am Unknown   Friday Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol. 2 Sahelsounds
3:53am The Gerogerigegege   "G" All You Need Is an Audio Shock By Japanese Ultra Shit Band Audio Shock Recordings
3:53am The Mickey Mouse Club   The Mickey Mouse Club March Disney Collection, the Walt Disney Records
3:54am Bone Sickness   Strange Obsession Alone In The Grave 20 Buck Spin
3:57am Black Pus   All Out of Sorts All My Relations Thrill Jockey Records
3:59am The Love Below   Let Them Eat Shit A389 Digital Recordings Mixtape MMXIII A389 Recordings
4:02am Blind to Faith   Blood Like Water A389 Digital Recordings Mixtape MMXIII A389 Recordings
4:02am Bitter Fruit   I Hate Everyone It Gets Bitter Self Release
4:06am Ol' Dirty Bastard   Gettin' High Nigga Please Elektra Entertainment
4:08am Needles   You're Dead Desesperaction Iron Lung Records
4:13am Noothgrush   Encasing Failing Early, Failing Often Slap a Ham
4:15am Peoples Temple   Looters Game Looters Game 7" HoZac Records
4:17am Necrobutcher   Mrs. Death Schizophrenic Noisy Torment Nuclear War Now! Product
4:19am Del The Funky Homosapien and Parallel Thought   On Mommas House Attractive Sin Parallel Thought
4:27am Penguin Feet & The Teardrop Kid   You Got The Makings OF A Real Freak S/t HDM Records
4:27am Jeff Grace   Opening Title Trigger Man/The Roost MovieScore Media
4:29am The Insane Warrior   Within The Maze We Are The Doorways Electrical Connections
4:32am Thunder Mountain   The Ballad of Susie Q EP Self Released
4:38am Dreamdecay   Untitled 3 Fern Great Plains Records
4:45am Man Or Astro-Man?   New Cocoon Defcon 5...4...3...2...1 Communicating Vessels
4:51am Jay Reatard   You Mean Nothing to Me Matador Singles '08 Matador Records
4:52am Hunters   Headache Hands On Fire Aagoo
4:55am Ghostface Killah   Rise of The Black Suits Twelve Reasons to Die Soul Temple
5:02am The Plastic People of The Universe   Podel zdi a doleva Underground Praha Oloj
5:04am Colin Stetson   High Above a Grey Green Sea New History Warfare Vol. 3: to See More Light Constellation
5:11am Lloyd and The Groovers   Listen to The Music Listen to The Music Pressure Sounds
5:12am Dead Neanderthals   The Pit Polaris Utech Records
5:17am Sao Paulo Underground   Pigeon Tres Cabecas Loucuras Cuneiform Records
5:22am Miles Davis Septet   Turnariundphrase Live In Vienna 1973 Gambit Records
5:37am Sven Libaek   Danger Reef Inner Space (The Lost Film Music of Sven Libaek) Votary Records
5:40am Phillip Greenlief   First Combined Lines Combined Evander Music
5:42am The Fuxedos   My Three Nuns Fuxedos, The Glazed Yams, Inc.
5:46am 3:33   ITMOI-4 In The Middle of Infinity Parallel Thought
5:52am Collection of Various Voices   Swingin Singers That's All Folks Rhino Entertainment Co.