SAL 9000

Saturday 6 July 2013 6:00am to 9:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:00am 2001: a Space Odyssey (soundtrack)   Also Sprach Zarathustra (Thu 2001: a Space Odyssey Rhino Records
6:02am Furisubi   Verbose Muse of The Obsequious Turtlopolis A Dream In The Eye and The Dirt Beneath The Heel Last Visible Dog Records
6:20am Elzbieta Sikora   Janek Wisniewski-December-Poland Blanc Et Rouge Bolt
6:35am Cindytalk   to a Dying Star a Life Is Everywhere Editions Mego
6:40am Vertonen   11 Degrees 22.4' N 142 Degrees 35.5' HACE / 26,250'/11 22.4'N 142 35.5'E Misanthropic Agenda
6:53am Doron Sadja   Residuals I Residuals Shinkoyo
7:01am 4E   Career Counseling Blue Note Home Entertainment
7:07am Drome   Scanners Anachronism Pulse Soniq
7:10am Photek   Hybrid Hidden Camera, the Astralwerks
7:15am Drexciya   Aqua Worm Hole Journey of The Deep Sea Dweller III Clone Records
7:21am Reagenz   A Reagenz Reflective Records
7:31am Skyprojection   Constant Skyprojection Sygil Records
7:37am Swindle   Airmiles 14 Tracks From Planet Mu Planet Mu Records Ltd.
7:42am Ocoeur   Resonance Light As a Feather N5MD
7:48am Ellen Allien   Wish Camping BPitch Control
7:51am Tan-Ru   Sit On Sit On Trelik
7:58am Sutekh   Stewart Walker Born Again Leaf Label Ltd
8:03am Dr:Op:Fr:Am+E   Waxx Rule of Capture, the Monotremata Records
8:08am Badawi   Lost Highway Badawi / Ladyman ZamZam Sounds
8:12am Black Hat   Singing Point Covalence Field Hymns
8:17am Toy Bizarre   KDI DCTB 115a Toy Bizarre/Lethe 20 CIty
8:23am Daniel Menche   Feral One Feral Sub Rosa
8:36am Pali Meursault   Flux 1 Offset Doubtful Sounds
8:42am Lotus Eaters   Side C Wurmwulv TAIGA Records