Greta Clue

Monday 22 July 2013 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:01pm The Bran Flakes   I Am a Groupie Won't Somebody Come Anyd Play Ovenguard
10:01pm Charles Manson   a Peace In Your Heart Hallways of The Always, The New Era Productions
10:11pm Laurice   He's My Guy Best of Laurice Vol. 1 Mighty Mouth Music
10:19pm Pillow Talk   The Sutan's Wish Downtown Unga Wunga Saigon
10:19pm The Phantom Limbs   Shake-A-Baby Hot Knives and Hornets Atakra Productions
10:24pm Weird TV   Aranas S/t Perennial
10:30pm Lime Spiders   Slave Girl Slave Girl Bigtime
10:38pm Nervous Gender   Gestalt Live At The Whiskey 1980 Self Release
10:38pm Martin Rev   Baby O Baby S/T Superior Viaduct
10:44pm Pantychrist   King Kong Pantychrist Seeland Records
10:49pm Pere Ubu   Humor Me Chrysalis Records Ltd.
10:51pm Woolen Men   Trapdoor Dog Years Woodsist
11:26pm X-Ray Pop   Gogol Le Mongol Pirate! Finders Keepers
11:29pm Porest   Tom and His Wife Mood Noose Resipiscent
11:56pm Pain Teens   Sweetheart C/Z Records
11:56pm Ritual Howls   Rosabelle Believe Ritual Howls Urinal Cake
12:03am Lame Drivers   Other Side flexi-book EP Self-released
12:14am Kito Mizukumi Rouber   C Boseki Ni Tatazumu KMR Papa Records
12:52am Nurse With Wound   Lonely Poisonous Mushroom Automating Volume Two United Dairies
12:52am Lilacs & Champagne   Listener X Lilacs & Champagne Mexican Summer
12:57am Led Er Est   The Diver Diver, The Sacred Bones Records
1:06am Freezing Hands   Get Away (Leave Me Alone) S/T Burger Records
1:06am Loto Ball Show   Dead Kiss Levy On The Eyeway Gifted Children
The Hookers   Crush Cold Crush
1:16am The Pheromoans   Midnite Watchdog Midnight Watchdog Sweet Rot Records
1:16am Pampers   Lies Guts Jack Shack Records
1:23am Carlos Pes   Professionisti Per Un Massacro Ecstasy of Gold: Vol. 2, The Semi-Automatic Records
1:26am Lamps   an Irrational Fear of Sailors Under The Water Under The Ground In The Red Records
1:26am The Super Vacations   Hexing Super Vacations / The Ceiling Stares, The Sweaters & Pearls
1:26am Leather Nun   Desolation Avenue Desolation Avenue Wire Records
1:38am The Vanishing   Assisting Suicides In the Bat Haus Cochon Records
1:38am Liars   We Got Cold, Coughed And... We no Longer Knew Who We Were Hand Held Heart
1:45am Frank Sinatra   Anything Goes Songs For Swingin' Lovers Capitol Records
1:48am Panther Burns   Have Love Will Travel Sympathy For The Record Industry
1:48am Violeta Vil   Lapidas Y Cocteros Lapidas Y Cocoteros Young Cubs