Lord Gravestench

Tuesday 8 October 2013 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:01pm Creeplings   Aycayia S/T Prison Tatt Records
10:12pm Sol Invictus   God Told Me to Hill of Crosses, the World Serpent Dist.
10:17pm Rome   Der Wolfsmantel Confessions D'un Voleur D'ames Cold Meat Industry
10:23pm Ak'Chamel   Salsa Lullaby (el Carretero) Old Norse Mara Chaos of The Stars
10:26pm Agarttha   The Sphynx A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands King of the Monsters
10:33pm Menace Ruine   Cup of Oblivion Alight In Ashes Profound Lore
10:46pm Lydia Lunch & Thurston Moore   Dead River Honeymoon in Red, the Ruby Records
10:48pm The Radiators From Space   Television Screen Lost & Found Shanachie Entertainment
10:52pm Suicide   Rocket U.S.A. Suicide Demon Records
10:56pm Vomit Arsonist   Black Bile an Occasion For Death Malignant Records
11:03pm Judas Priest   Saints in Hell Stained Class Epic / CBS
11:11pm Voivod   Technocratic Manipulators Dimension Hatross Noise International
11:16pm Orodruin   Unspeakable Truth Epicurean Mass Psychedoomelic Records
11:23pm Sabbat   Witches Torches (Version 1) Sabbatrinity R.I.P. Records
11:27pm Vhol   Insane With Faith Vhol Profound Lore
11:35pm Ignivomous   The Final Cadence to Bloodshed Contragenesis Nuclear War Now! Product
11:46pm Voetsek   Lonely Death This Comp Kills Fascists Volume 2 Relapse Records
11:47pm Voetsek   Lost Art of Humanity This Comp Kills Fascists Volume 2 Relapse Records
11:48pm Augurs   History of Lies Demo 2012 Hash Crimes Dispensary
11:53pm Gouge   Nuclear Vomit Doomed to Die Hells Headbangers
11:56pm Coffins   Hellbringer Fleshland, The Relapse Records
12:03am Isengard   Thornspawn Chalice Hostmorke Peaceville
12:12am Embrace of Thorns   Atonement Ritual Atonement Ritual Nuclear War Now! Product
12:16am Abnutivum   Profane Command of The Final Rite Master's Morbid Lust Self Release
12:21am Black Witchery   Hellstorm of Evil Vengeance Upheaval of Satanic Might Osmose Productions
12:25am Lugubrum   Attractive to the Flies De Vette Cuecken Red Stream
12:34am Botanist   Quoth Azalea, The Demon KFJC Live From The Devil's Triangle Vol 16 KFJC
12:45am Diamatregon   October Ritual Blasphemy for Satan Tumult
12:50am Darvulia   Poussiere Maudite Sur Sol Bien L'Ombre Malicieuse Battlesk'rs Productions
12:55am Qulielfi   The Bees Are In My Head Forgetter Universal Consciousness
1:00am Servile Sect   A Frenzy of Cubensis Glowing King of the Monsters
1:04am Michael Amason   Virginity RainvowB Cookies 'N Cream Records
1:11am Blue Sabbath Black Cheer   Song For The Dead Untitled Dead Accents
1:14am Nyodene D   Nihilation Edenfall Malignant Records
1:23am Brighter Death Now   Exercise (Now Is The Time For Intercourse) Obsessis None
1:30am Trepaneringsritualen   Drunk With Blood Totality of Death, The Malignant Records
1:35am Emit   Echoes of Mass Murder, The Dark Bleeding a Sword of Death For The Prince Total Holocaust Records
1:45am Aderlating   Bondaged In Shame, Disgraced In Fear Gospel of The Burning Idols Malignant Records
1:51am Julien Beau   Reflet (one) Reflet Aposiopese
1:55am Al Qaeda   Untitled Side B (Excerpt) Captain Al Qaeda and The Magickal Band Scotch Tapes