Lord Gravestench

Tuesday 22 October 2013 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:02pm Attestupa   Skingras Och Ersattas Musik For Tomma Rum Jartecknet
10:10pm Backworld   A Vagrant Thought Tide, the World Serpent Dist.
10:12pm Rozz Williams   A Fire of Uncommon Velocity Whorse's Mouth, the Hollows Hill Sound Rec.
10:20pm Ak'Chamel   Virgin Del Mercedes Old Norse Mara Chaos of The Stars
10:26pm Skeletal Family   Ritual Burning Oil Anagram
10:31pm Alien Sex Fiend   Ignore the Machine Ignore the Machine Cherry Red
10:39pm Menace Ruine   Salamandra Alight In Ashes Profound Lore
10:47pm Agarttha   Melisine A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands King of the Monsters
10:53pm Nocturnal Emissions   When Were You Last In Control of Your Dreams and Aspirations Tissue of Lies Sterile Records
10:58pm Prurient   Pretext (Bahamian Burial) Cocaine Death Hospital Productions
11:03pm Witchfinder General   R.I.P. Death Penalty Heavy Metal Records
11:08pm Count Raven   No One's Hero Destruction of the Void Nuclear Blast America
11:14pm Doom   Dropout Doomed From the Start Radon/ T M R
11:18pm Crom   Hags This Comp Kills Fascists Volume 2 Relapse Records
11:26pm Groinchurn   The Lies That Bind Us 6 X 9 + 5 Fudgeworthy
11:29pm Benediction   Bleakhouse Transcend the Rubicon Nuclear Blast America
11:34pm Vhol   Songs Set to Await Forever Vhol Profound Lore
11:46pm Necrot   Cycles of Pain KFJC Live From The Devil's Triangle Vol 16 KFJC
11:49pm Trepanation   Rot In His Image Meticulous Evisceration Coroner's Report
11:54pm Ignivomous   Pyroclastic Downfall Contragenesis Nuclear War Now! Productions
11:57pm Coffins   Tormentopia Fleshland, The Relapse Records
12:04am Teitanblood   Morbid Devil of Pestilence Seven Chalices Flame
12:13am Truppensturm   Gustav - The Great Salute To The Iron Emperors Van Records
12:18am Abnutivum   Golgotha Consumation Master's Morbid Lust Self Release
12:23am Black Witchery   Holocaust Summoning Upheaval of Satanic Might Osmose Productions
12:26am Demonomancy   Impious Revelation (Bestiality Prevails) Throne of Demonic Proselytism Nuclear War Now! Productions
12:32am Skepticism   Aether Ethere Red Stream
12:43am Old Wainds   The Frozen Forest Withers of The Wainds Armadiaboli
12:47am Clandestine Blaze   Icons of Torture Fire Burns in Our Hearts Blackmetal.Com
12:54am Celestia   Necromelancholic Reveries Apparitia - Sumptuous Spectre Paragon Records
12:58am Marblebog   Eneh's Descendants Csendhajnal - Silencedawn Turan
1:03am Nyodene D   Edenfall Edenfall Malignant Records
1:11am +DOG+   Morazon a Separate Secret World Love Earth Music
1:15am Vomit Arsonist   Torn Between Will and Desire an Occasion For Death Malignant Records
1:22am Pulsating Cyst   Live On KFJC 060913 KFJC Live From The Devil's Triangle Vol 16 KFJC
1:27am Deadwood   Bitch On The ... 8 19 Cold Spring Records UK
1:38am The Black Scorpio Underground   Heirloom S/T Worthless Recordings
1:47am X-TG   Gordian Knot Desertshore / The Final Report Industrial Records
1:52am Wilt   The Weight of Chains Break The Backs of Men Neurosis of Enthrallment Obfuscated Records
1:55am Banos, Roque (Evil Dead)   Natalie Hunting Evil Dead Soundtrack LaLaLand Records