Max Level

Saturday 8 June 2002 6:00am to 9:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Braer Rabbit   Left Bank (Of the Mind) Allez-Z / Left Bank (Of The...
Tied + Tickled Trio   Utrom EA1 EA2
Random   Mr. & Mrs. no Smoking Sign Too Stoned to Sneeze Without
Kit Clayton   Jit's Blues Latke
Jan Carlekliev   Parca Pace Parca Pace
Bergheim 34   New Ground Sechstrack
Tom Heasley   Prelude On the Sensations of Tone
Hugo Largo   Halfway Knowing Mettle
Sam Rivers Trio   Embers Firestorm
Danny Thompson   Idle Monday Whatever
Charles Mingus   Half-Mast Inhibition Anthology
Die Like a Dog Quartet   15'51" Aoyama Crows
The Muffins   People in the Snow Bandwidth
Chatham,Rhys   An Angel Moves Too Fast... A Rhys Chatham Compilation
Tribes of Neurot   Insect Sounds (Processed) Adaptation and Survival
Motion Man   We Work Styles(W/Kool Keith) Loose Cannon
Mr. Len F/Juggaknots   This Morning This Morning
Atmosphere   Modern Man's Hustle Modern Man's Hustle
Mr. Oizo   No Day Massacre Analog Worms Attack
Audio Active   Input/Start Rec Apollo Choco
Alec Empire's Face the Music M   Like Herod [coll]: Mogwai
Rotten Piece   Stick Violin Solo Astronauts in Heat
Kronos Quartet   El Sinaloense (Dance Mix) Nuevo
Speedy J   Glov Bugmod
Jarrahi Dervishes & Others   Sufi Hymn [coll]: Silk Road, the
Yaru Maliri   Two Qalandari Tunes [coll]: Mystic Fiddle of Th...
Aiko Shimada   I Like You Bright and Dark