Sir Cumference

Monday 2 December 2013 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:02pm Casual Carriers   Think of Me Think of Me Unknown Label
2:05pm Idols   Girl that I Love You Ork
2:09pm Com-Dom   Calldown Autoficial Noisopoly
2:13pm The Dupont Circles   Sputnik 53 Bicycles E P Cara Records
2:15pm Non   Solitude Solitude Mute Records
2:18pm Snowmen   Prophecy Written Single Volta Records
2:25pm Heavens to Betsy   My Secret Split K Records
2:27pm Less Is More   Betty Betty Limp
2:29pm Jupiter Prophet   35,000 Feet (Challenger...) 35,000 Feet Radiowave Records
2:33pm Dexy's Midnight Runners   Keep It Part Two Keep It Part Two EMI
2:39pm Bloodlet   Shell Shell Hawthorne Street Records
2:44pm M   Napoleon Safeless Palace Records/Drag City
2:48pm Swob   El Bruto Neutrinos Project-A-Bomb
2:51pm Alex Chilton   Can't Seem to Make You Mine Unknown Label
2:54pm Crystalized Movements   Through a Glass Twisted Village
2:57pm Knifedance   Stalking Ground Loaded Heart Hit and Run
3:02pm Quadrajets   Hole in the Sky My Car, My Spaceship Estrus Records
3:06pm Modern English   Mesh & Lace Smiles & Laughter 4AD
3:11pm Antiseen   Two Headed Dog Two Headed Dog/Cause I Love You Ajax Records
3:13pm Heavy Vegetable   Green Light Gorilla Heavy Vegetable/Power Goldenrod Records
3:20pm Yaweh's Mistake   Morgan's Corner Morgan's Corner N/A
3:24pm Nacho Business   Cotton Candy Dreams Nacho Business Sacramento Records
3:26pm Deathreat   Sixteen Candles Deathreat/Talk Is Pois Prank
3:26pm Deathreat   Sick Charade Deathreat/Talk Is Pois Prank
3:27pm Hot Glue Gun   Torpedo Hot Glue Gun Mud
3:31pm Malasian Jungle Spaceship   Competent Biometrician Minmae / Malasian Jungle Spaceship Try Not to Look Records
3:36pm Doll   Frozen Fire Burning Up Like a Fire Beggars Banquet
3:41pm Screeching Weasel   She's Giving Me the Creeps Pervo-Devo Shred of Dignity
3:44pm Golden Gate Jumpers   Mind Rape Smog Heaven Slithering Disc
3:47pm The T.V. Babies   Space Cadets High Contrast Rockin' Horse Records
3:53pm The Flying Luttenbachers   The Shriek Continues Knormalities Dephine Knormal Music
3:56pm Sugarburn   Halfway Train Halfway Train Sonic Bubblegum
4:00pm Crack: We Are Rock   This Side: Strawberries War 333 Recordings
4:05pm Gray Matter   I Am the Walrus Where Are They Now F.. Pop Bus
4:08pm Ron Haig   Hey Little Baby Hey Little Baby Get Hip Archive Series
4:11pm Boyfriends   Last Bus Home United Artists
4:14pm Felt   Trails of Colour Dissolve Cherry Red Records
4:17pm Chrome Cranks   Wrapped Up in Red Salmon, Kim/Chrome Cra Echostatic
4:22pm Fuzzy Cupid   Million Pieces Million Pieces Biffco Records
4:26pm Bush Tetras   Boom Fetish Records
4:30pm The Nuns   Suicide Child Butt Records Ltd.
4:35pm Positive Noise   Positive Negative Statik Records
4:39pm Dead   Evil Gogo Babe From Outer Sp Saturday Night Grind Fever '01 Autopsy Stench
4:43pm Akritas   First Drop of My Life, The First Drop of My Life, The/Pan Anazitisi Records
Mental As Anything   The Nips Are Getting Bigger Nips Are Getting Bigger, the Virgin Records
4:51pm Goldendust   Truth Ettinger, Dylan / Goldendust Beautamous Loaf International
4:58pm Tiger Trap   Alien Space Song Tiger Trap/Henry's Drs Slumberland Records
5:01pm Lonliest Christmas Tree   The Treasure Chest of Me Meaning of Life, the Bus Stop
5:05pm Drekka   Posterity Is Futile Octal/Drekka Bluesanct Musak Recording
5:11pm Universal Order of Armageddon   Symptom Symptom Jade Tree
5:14pm The Starvations   One Way to Remind One Way to Remind/Give Me the Gold Standard Labs
5:17pm Spizzenergi   Virginia Plain Soldier Soldier/Ferry Rough Trade
5:21pm The Flying Lizards   Portugal Virgin in the Uk
5:25pm Higsons   Insect Love I Don't Want to Live with Monk Romans in Britain Records
5:28pm Plan to Pink   The Spring Project Spring Project, the Extra Small Records
5:32pm Voice Farm   Elevate Double Garage Optional Records
5:35pm Entertainment   The Queen's Beasts S/T Stickfigure Records
5:41pm Rick Sabo   Three Three Up Records
5:43pm Motorhead   Louie Louie Louie Louie Bronze Records
5:46pm The Records   Paint Her Face Virgin Records Limited
5:49pm 3D'S   Beautiful Things Beautiful Things Merge Records
5:53pm The Westside Lockers   Fuchsia Rayon Fuchsia Rayon Mr. Brown Records & Tapes
5:55pm Slug   - Slug/Cherubs No Lie