Thursday 17 April 2014 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:01pm Fiona Shaw   The Wasteland Part 1
10:07pm The Quick   Pretty Please D.I.Y.:We're Desperate Rhino Records
10:14pm Les Rallizes Denudes   People Can Choose Heavier Than a Death In The Family Phoenix Records
10:11pm Wilden, Gert (soundtrack)   Rolf Torring I Told You not to Cry Crippled Dick Hot Wax!
10:25pm Sacred Product   Wastex (back to Samsara) Wastex Quemada Records
10:30pm a Fashionable Disease   Fuck a Fashionable Disease Pet Goat, The
10:32pm Blurt   The Fish Needs My Bike Fish Needs a Bike, the Armageddon
10:35pm Frank Pahl   Joy Puppies Cowboy Disciple, the Private Studio
10:43pm Looters   Fall Alone Fall Alone Full Tilt
10:46pm Carla Bozulich   What Is It Baby? Boy Constellation
10:51pm Laughing Hyenas   Candy Here We Go Again Touch and Go Records
10:53pm Laughing Clowns   Mr. Uddich Smuddich Goes... Mad Flies Mad Flies Prince Melon
10:59pm O Paradis   a Falta De Palabras Pequenas Canciones De Amor Tourette
11:03pm Orchis   Arcadia a Thousand Winters Infinite Fog Productions
11:07pm Organum   Aeo Sphyx Robot Records
11:21pm 50 Million   Wrench Kung-Fu USA - Shellshag - 50 Million - Creepy People - SHAT Starcleaner
11:13pm Ian Gillan & Murray Head & Apostles   The Last Supper Jesus Christ Superstar MCA Records
11:24pm Lemuria   Lemons Cheap Girls/Lemuria No Idea
11:26pm Superpitcher   Baby's on Fire Kompakt Total 4 Kompakt Schallplatten
11:32pm Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald   Mars Garden Borderland Tresor
11:36pm JK Flesh   Obedience Automation Worship Is The Cleansing of The Imagination Hydra Head Records
11:45pm Geraldine Fibbers   Get Thee Gone Get Thee Gone Sympathy For The Record Industry
11:50pm Cy Coleman   That's What I Want For Janie Wildcat Rca Victor/ Bmg
11:52pm The 13TH Power   Fourteen or Fight Wild in the Streets Tower Recordings
11:56pm Alex Nova   Into New Unknown Sunsets Genesis of The Frog Rider, The Skrot Up
12:01am Brigitte Fontaine & Areski   Declaration De Sinistre L'incendie Byg Records
12:03am The Dramatics   Cholesteral Garbage For Your Gut Stomach Ache
12:06am Les Olivensteins   Je Suis Negatif Les Olivensteins Born Bad
12:08am Black Hat   Portrait In Fluorescent Light Thought of Two Hausu Mountain
12:14am Die Schacht   Benzin Halber Selbstbetrug Siltbreeze
12:21am The No Talents   Gimme Whipped Cream No Talents, the Broken Rekids
12:22am Barry Dennen Et Al   Trial Before Pilate Jesus Christ Superstar MCA Records
12:27am The Outsiders   Do You Feel Alright Rubble 9: Plastic Widerness Past & Present Records
12:34am Methusalah   High in the Tower of Coombe Rubble 8: All The Colours of Darkness Past & Present Records
12:34am The Fire   Father's Name Is Dad Rubble 5: The Electric Crayon Set Past & Present Records
12:36am The Last   Up in the Air Bomp Records
12:43am The Craig   I Must Be Mad Rubble 1: Psychedelic Snarl Past & Present Records
12:46am Shoes This High   Not Weighting Shoes This High Siltbreeze Records
12:51am Sixtoo & Matth   Watched Us Slowly Die He Did Glass Music Bully Records
12:54am Aquarian Age   10,000 Words in a Crdbrd Box Rubble 3: Nightmares In Wonderland Past & Present Records
12:58am The Executive   Tracy Took a Trip Rubble 2: Pop-Sike Pipe-Dreams Past & Present Records
1:02am Gary Wilson   You Took Me On a Walk... Forgotten Lovers Feeding Tube Records
1:04am Sabbath Assembly   Christ, You Bring The End Ye Are Gods Svart Records
1:08am Spacewurm   Lost In The Vortex Dargot Somori EP Vinyl Communications
1:16am Alice Coltrane   Journey in Satchidananda Journey in Satchidananda Abc Impulse Records
1:19am James Joyce   Jim Norton Reads Finnegans Wake
1:23am The Fall   Arms Control Poseur Popcorn Double Feature Phonogram
1:27am Thee Headcoatees   Park It Up Your Arse I'm Happy Sympathy For The Record Industry
1:30am Toupee   Crainial Walker Dinner Parties Rotted Tooth Recordings
1:33am Chris Weisman   Teacher In Rags Fresh Sip Feeding Tube Records
1:36am Galwad Y Mynydd   Mynd I Bysgota Galwad Y Mynydd Finders Keepers Records
1:42am Chanpen Sirithep   Lam Plearn Kiew Bao Theppabutr Productions Light in the Attic
1:46am Fern Knight   Pentacles Castings Vhf
1:50am Hurricanes of Love   Eternal Friend Quintorian Blues Feeding Tube Records
1:53am Taku Sugimoto   Earth's Bell/Bowl Phone Mienai Tenshi Weird Forest Records