Surfer Rosa

Thursday 28 August 2014 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:01pm Krakatau   Stinging Petal Water Near a Bridge Trouble In Mind
2:14pm La Hell Gang   Her Way Has Come Thru Me Again Kemado Records
2:15pm Yura Yura Teikoku   One Button Na.Ma.Shi.Bi.Re.Na.Ma.Me.Ma.I Mesh Key
2:18pm John Carpenter   Wrong Flavour Assault On Precinct 13 Death Waltz Recording Co
2:21pm Herschell Gordon Lewis   Lister's Garage / I Told You That Blade Was Sharp! Blood Feast & 2000 Maniacs Rhino Records Inc.
2:23pm Uncle Jamm's Army   Naughty Boy L.A. Beats - The Definitive Street Funk From The West Coast Jdc Records
2:28pm Thomas Carnacki   Encoded For The One-Half, and Not The Many (For Kristin) Oar of Panmuphle Alethiometer
2:33pm Yximalloo   The Poete Unpop Esp-Disk
2:35pm Ryan Garbes and Gerre Hancock   Pursuance Forest Creature/ Garbes, Ryan and Hancock, Gerre Blackest Rainbow
2:42pm Mandingo and His Orchestra   Blackrite Spectrum Plastic Records
2:46pm Mark Eden   Cremation Science Art of The Virtual Rhythmicon Innova/American Composers
3:00pm Here & Here & Here   Red Coda Soft Here & Here & Here Pfmentum
3:02pm Giuliano Sorgini   George Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue, The Death Waltz Recording Co
3:04pm Johnson's, Bunk Brass & Dance Band   Just a Closer Walk With Thee Bunk Johnson's Brass & Dance Band Storyville Records
3:08pm Tommi Parko   Hysteriablues Arktinen Hysteria Love Records
3:12pm Broadcast   Our Darkest Sabbath Berberian Sound Studio Warp Records Ltd
3:15pm La Casa, Eric   Dundee Law Audible Geography Kompakt Schallplatten
3:15pm Charles Bukowski   Don't Come Round But If You Do... Reads His Poetry Black Sparrow Graphic Arts
3:19pm Study In Terror (John Scott Orchestra)   Theme a Study In Terror Roulette Records Inc.
3:22pm Kava Kon   The Killer River (Without The Sun, Moon, Or Stars) Tiki For The Atomic Age Dionysus Records
3:27pm The Deadly Ones   The Moonlight Surfer It's Monster Surfing Time Collectables Records
3:28pm Three Stoned Men   Too Lazy to Pee Blood Orgy of the Leat Planet Pimp
3:31pm PRE   Live!! PRE / AIDS Wolf Skin Graft Records
3:33pm The Zag Men   Our Message to The Kids Crime Spree Vetoxa
3:43pm Jackal Fleece   Skins of Teeth Crackle Peaks Self-release
3:46pm Vomit Lunch & Stock, Hausen & Walkman   Soundtrack to Karahi Lunch Runs Remake Unskilled Vegetarian Remould Force Hot Air
3:48pm Aavikko   Of Stomping Men Aavikko / Mono Pause Seeland
3:53pm Fabio Frizzi   Verso L'ignoto Beyond, the Dagored
3:56pm The Walking Corpses   Flak Eater We, God's Apes 3 Acre Floor Records
3:58pm Danny Elfman   Beetle-snake Beetlejuice Geffen Records
4:01pm Baby Grandmothers   Somebody Keeps Calling My Name Forge Your Own Chains: Heavy Psychedelic Ballads and Dirges Now Again Records
4:15pm Vuva La Squnge   Zwanzig Vuva La Squnge Self Produced
4:16pm Black Witchery   Command of The Iron Baphomet Desecration of The Holy Kingdom Full Moon Productions
4:19pm [coll]: For Lucio Fulci...   House of Clocks For Lucio Fulci... Graveside Entertainment
4:23pm Funerary   Depressor Starless Aeon Midnite Collective
4:33pm Bren't Lewis Ensemble   Heart Beat Pig Meat Fug Gum Vol. Two Freakdom
4:36pm Bill Doggett   Honky Tonk Part 1 Blue Velvet Varese Sarabande
4:39pm Imperya Snegov   Marvellous Pank Federatsiya 2 Tian an Men 89
4:43pm Zebu!   Arp Chainsaws and Cheerleaders Feeding Tube Records
4:47pm Reina Aveja   Too Good to Be True Unit Breed/Reina.., Th Nothing
4:53pm Screamin' Mee-Mees   Cartoonland Mike Rep/Screamin Mee New World of Sound Record
4:56pm Point Line Plane   1976 Smoke Signals Skin Graft Records
5:00pm Marmoset   Murder Fling Rebound Volume I I I Secretly Canadian
5:02pm Flesh World   New Sensations Planned Obsolescence No Patience
5:03pm Rep Seki   Cipher in the Snow Rep Seki/Usurp Synapse Magister Ludi Records
5:05pm Cave Bears   Crawlspace Pt 1 Crawl Space Feeding Tube Records
5:08pm 6 Feet Under   Inspiration In My Head Garageaholic! Psychedelic! Outsider Music! Arf Arf Records
5:13pm Business Lady   Underneath Me From Beneath M Putting Out a Record.. Hello Asshole
5:15pm Smegma   Ashes RADONUROPA7.02 Radon Studios
5:17pm Vejtables   Shadows Acid Dreams Past & Present Records
5:22pm The Mallard   Shreds Burnt Ones / The Mallard Mt. St. Mtn.
5:28pm Slug Guts   Ugly Pumping Muscle Primitive Calculators / Slug Guts Sweet Rot Records
5:30pm Link Wray   Ace of Speed Rock & Roll Rumble Charly Records
5:36pm Los Macs   El Amor Despues De Los 20 Anos Mas Rock and Roll Electro Harmonix
5:40pm Los Saicos   Camisa De Fuerza Demolicion! The Complete Collection Munster
5:43pm Los Rabbis   Damn You Pele Bible Part 2, the Spam/Mungasoland
5:46pm Los Datsuns   Popotitos 69 Sons of Yma Yma-Lp Records
5:49pm Los Piranas   Hueles a Espiritu Joven Toma Tu Jabon Kapax Vampi Soul
5:53pm Rachid & Fethi   Ana Ghrib 1970s Algerian Folk and Pop Sublime Frequencies
6:00pm Escale En Turquie   Adana'n??n Yollari Tastan Escale En Turquie Pathe Marconi