Thursday 28 August 2014 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
The Letter "F" ..... Mostly  
10:01pm Officer!   Hello Ossification Megaphone Records
10:07pm Fred Frith & Noel Akchote   Recnik Reel Rectangle
10:15pm Danny Frankel &Kenny Wollesen   Track 11 Balloon Drum Duets Sound of Skin Records
10:17pm Fenian   Reflects Light Extinction Botched Migrane Idiopathic Records
10:29pm Fire in the Kitchen   Trees and Lawns Glow Walt
10:31pm Flesh World   Fuck Time Planned Obsolescence No Patience
10:34pm Fushitsusha   Track 4 (Silver Cover) Heartfast
10:38pm Fireworks   Loserville 1+2 Records
10:43pm Tangerine Dream   Testlab Firestarter MCA Records
10:44pm First Nation   Antelope Attack Coronation Paw Tracks
10:47pm Funerary   Starless Aeon Starless Aeon Midnite Collective
10:51pm Danny Frankel   Zorro In Spanish-Era Los Angeles New Thing on Jupiter W.I.N.
10:53pm Fraker's Farm   Gather Up The Trees Moose Love Sugar Self Release
10:56pm Free Spirits   Wholly Earth Presents Acknowledgement For JC Kindred Spirits
11:01pm First Things First   Flex Glitterhouse
11:03pm Fluf   Flight of Sperm Wasting Seed Headhunter Records
11:06pm Forn   Track 2 Tour Demo Earhammer
11:15pm Adam Frank/Sam Shalabi   a Letter of Invitation Overpass: a Melodrama Alien 8 Recordings
11:19pm Frank Alpine   Untitled Frank Alpine Keyboard Cassette
11:23pm Fischer Z   Right Hand Man Fischer Z Liberty Records (Uk)
11:24pm Flirt   I'm not Forgettin Faster than You None
11:26pm Fly Ashtray   Power Puff Let's Have Some Crate Hemiola
11:29pm Fossil Aerosol Mining Project   Lowlands Hybrid 17 Years In Ektachrome Hand-Held Recordings
11:35pm Richard Franecki   5 Plus 2 Is 7 Welcome to the Electric Circus Insignificant Records
11:33pm The Hellers   Take 46 Singers...Talkers...Players...Swingers...& Doers Design Records
11:40pm Fourier   Flowtation Flowtation Arctic Survival
11:51pm Fingathing   Cluster Buster And The Big Red Nebula Band Grand Central Records
11:56pm Franciscan Hobbies   The Animal Performers Masks & Meanings Soft Abuse
11:59pm Frances Gumm   Stone Genius Cruella Land Speed
12:02am Fisherman's Stew   Tear Down the Fences Tear Down the Fences Dada Records
12:06am Mary Ann Fisher   Wild As You Can Be Put On My Shoes Heat Records
12:08am Mob 47   Rustning Ar Ett Brott Mob 47 Ep Havoc Records
12:10am 4...3...2...1... Morte!   Seq. 2 By: Abril, Anton & Giombini Dagored
12:13am The Frames   Fighting on the Stairs For the Birds Plateau Records
12:16am Fish and Roses   Monks Hate You Ajax Records
12:23am Mike Huguenor   Bourgeois Food Culture Bardamu Suitors Club Records
12:26am Audacity   Kill Someone You Hate Juvajive Cut-rate
12:27am Drunk Dad   Life's Work Ripper Killer Eolian
12:31am Exhumed   Limb From Limb Aborted / Exhumed Listenable Records
12:34am Peste Noire   Le Mort Joyeux La Sanie Des Siecles - Panegyrique De La Degenerescence Transcendental Creations
12:39am Barghest   Hellish Entrancement Barghest Gilead Media
12:44am Anna Homler & Sylvia Hallett   Les Perdues Many Moods of Bread and Shed, The Orchestra Pit, The
12:51am Russell Walker/Dan Melchior   Sad Son In Law Sad Son In Law kill shaman
12:55am Beaver   Lonely Coast/English Needs French You Can Only Control Instincts When They Come Ehse
12:59am Featherbeard   Twiedle Die, Morning Berds Incantations S
1:03am The Fall   Putta Block Palace of Swords Reversed Phonogram
1:07am Fraction   Moon Blood Radioactive Records
1:13am Fracas   Fifteen Beers On Trial Cheetah's Records
1:15am Jon Wayne   Mr. Egyptian Texas Funeral Cargo Records
1:17am Sigillum S   Microsex Succumbs to Allure of Total Media Dispersion: Sliced Carrions and Pixel Handcuffs Mh Records
1:23am Fields Of Shit   The Lies My Father Taught Me Fields Of Shit Life Is Abuse
1:24am Lord Mantis   You Will Gag For The Fix Death Mask Profound Lore
1:27am The Fells   Stimulation Amped Westworld Enterprises
1:30am Von Schirach, Otto   Goat Sperm Global Speaker Fisting Asphodel
1:33am Giorgio Corroder   Woke Up Pomp Sluice Limbsoup Tapes
1:37am Jeff Grace   Sunset Processional / Pile of Rocks Meek's Cutoff Milan Records
1:41am B. Fleischmann   Frisky He Said Frisky He Said Morr Music
1:44am The Flesh Eaters   Twisted Road 1978 Demos EP TKO Records
1:46am The Flieswatters   Zombie Wonderland Flieswatters, the Hot Spit Records
1:47am The Flieswatters   Service Failure Flieswatters, the Hot Spit Records
1:49am The Flieswatters   Sell-Out Flieswatters, the Hot Spit Records
1:51am Edvard Graham Lewis   No Show Godot All Under Editions Mego