Ms. Tiza

Saturday 21 March 2015 12:00pm to 3:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
12:03pm Prince Charming   Zebrine Polymorphous Blues Lapis Lazuli Karlrecords
12:08pm Kid Koala   Drunk Trumpet Live From the Short Attention> Ninja Tune
12:15pm Kid Acne   Sliding Doors Romance Ain't Dead Lex Records
Just-Ice   Girls N' Guns Gun Talk Savage Records
12:29pm The Jungle Brothers   Book of Rhyme Pages J Beez with the Remedy Warner Bros.
12:29pm The Joe Beats Conspiracy   Wanderer's Lust Reverse Discourse Strange Famous Records
12:35pm Junk Science   Pop Rocks Gran'dad's Nerve Tonic Embedded Music/Def Jux
12:38pm Lady Sovereign   Fiddle with the Volume-Rmx Vertically Challenged Chocolate Industries
12:51pm Labtekwon   Perversion Song of the Sovereign Mush
12:54pm Krs One   The Way We Live Life Antagonist Records
12:57pm K.M.D.   Nitty Gritty Mr. Hood Elektra Entertainment
1:02pm Funk Inc.   The Better Half Chicken Lickin' Fantasy Records
1:20pm Funk Inc.   Let's Make Peace and Stop The War Chicken Lickin' Fantasy Records
1:20pm Funk Inc.   Jung Bungo Chicken Lickin' Fantasy Records
1:24pm Malcolm Kipe   Motivestation Ft.Chicken Geo Breakspiracy Theories Merck Records
1:57pm Ghostface Killah   Twelve Reasons to Die Soul Temple
2:06pm K-the-i???   Solar Beam Nebula Synesthesia Fake Four Inc.
2:12pm Ohmega Watts   You Are Now Tuned in Find, the Ubiquity Records
2:16pm Killah Priest & Chief Kamachi   Illest Feat. Planet Asia Beautiful Minds Good Hands
2:22pm Offwhyte   Kept Instrumental Bow to the Sceptor GALAPAGOS4
2:34pm Obo   Slide Burn I+Ii Fut! Rush
2:34pm Libretto   Dirty Thangs Ill-Oet the Last Element Dim Mak Records
2:37pm Les Swashbuckling Napoleons   One Lovely Bastard Fuck Grimm Image
2:43pm Non-Prophets   Any Port Hope Lex Records
2:50pm Neila   Mercy Refused, Ft. Myk Mansun, Gel Roc, Liferexall...... Better Late Than Never Avatar