Thursday 30 April 2015 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:02pm Drift   No Beliefs No Reliefs Bypass Through the Sky Swinging Axe
10:10pm Raionbashi   Untitled Soot Pt.1 Kollekte Hanson Records
10:16pm Al Qaeda   a Plague of Frost (in The Guise of Diamonds) Aarktica - In Sea Remixes Silber Records
10:24pm Lance Dibblee   Tracker Shock Borft Records
10:28pm Little Annie & Baby Dee   Gown of Tears State of Grace Tin Angel Records
10:30pm Ono   Ennui Ennui Priority Male
10:33pm Wendy and Bonnie   Thinking, Waiting 3:39 (live)* Genesis Sundazed
10:38pm Wazmo Nariz   Tele-Tele-Telephone Tele-Tele-Telephone Fiction Records
10:40pm Zoviet-France   White Dusk A Bead to a Small Mouth Soleilmoon Recordings
10:51pm John Tejada   Vaalbara Signs Under Test Kompakt Schallplatten
10:57pm Disasterpeace   Theme It Follows OST
10:59pm Function : Vatican Shadow   A Year Has Passed Games Have Rules Hospital Productions
11:05pm Starcadian   Entoptica Saturdaze
11:09pm John Carpenter and Howarth   Chariots of Pumpkins Halloween III - Season of The Witch Death Waltz Recording Co
11:14pm Deison/Mingle   Osso Temporale Weak Life Aagoo Records
11:22pm Larry Kucharz   Elevator Phantasy Waltz Smphncs International Audiochrome
11:25pm Godspeed You! Black Emperor   Peasantry or "Light! Inside of Light!" Asunder, Sweet...
11:36pm Keith Fullerton Whitman   Occlusion (rue De Bitche) Occlusions; Real Time Music For Hybrid Digital-analogue Modu Editions Mego
11:38pm Matt Davignon & Behm-Steinberg   Horsehead Oa Edgetone Records
11:48pm Bob Log 3   Duck Back Down School Bus Fat Possum Records
11:52pm The Unwed Teenage Mothers   Baby You're Dying Blonde Girls Play Pinball Records
11:55pm Bonnie 'Prince' Billy   God Is Love There Is No God Royal Stable Music
11:59pm Jessica Pavone   Salute Flying Knuckle Under TAIGA Records
MAYHEM !!!!!! Mini-Detest-A-Thon!!!  
12:04am Prehensile Monkey Tailed Skink   I Hate You Blackjack
12:08am Red Cross   I Hate My School Red Cross Posh Boy
12:10am Love and Respect   I Hate Recess(When They Play Record Penultimate
12:10am Rolling Scabs   I Hate My Teacher Live at Gilman St. Project T.H.C. Records
12:12am Sugarshock   I Hate the Kids S/T Thrill Jockey Records
12:14am Geza X and the Mommymen   I Hate Punks You Goddamn Kids! Dionysus Records
12:17am Adolescents   I Hate Children Adolescents Frontier
12:19am The Reds   I Hate Rules It's About Time Rip Off
12:23am Anita Lane   I Hate Myself Sex O'Clock Mute Records
12:27am Legendary Stardust Cowboy   I Hate Cd's Retro Rocket Back to Earth New Rose
12:31am Epsilons   I Hate (Your Face) Killed 'em Deader 'n a Six Card Poker Hand Retard Disco
12:33am White Boy   I Hate Thirty Over D.C. Limp
12:36am God Is My Co-Pilot   I Hate Girls Gender Is As Gender Does Funky Mushroom Records
12:38am The Molecules   I Hate Your Life Fear of Pop Music VOL1 Fear of Pop Music
12:38am Melt-Banana   I Hate It! Scratch or Stitch Skin Graft Records
12:39am Tyrades   I Hate Your Wave Tyrades Broken Rekids
12:42am The Gyuto Monks   Guhyasamaja Tantra, Ch. I I Tibetan Tantric Choir Windham Hill Jazz
12:45am The Urinals   I Hate Negative Capability...Check It Out Warning Label Records
12:47am Baby Astronauts   I Hate this Song All the Pancakes You Can Beautamous Loaf International
12:49am Untouchables   I Hate You Flex Your Head Dischord
12:51am State of Alert   I Hate the Kids Flex Your Head Dischord
12:51am Gracious Shades   I Hate People Aberkash 21ST Circuitry
12:59am The Cosmos   I Hate That Fucking Commercial Armando Honest Abe
1:03am The Cunts   I Hate Raggae A Secret History of Disturbing Records
1:03am Grief   I Hate the Human Race Miserably Ever After Theologian
1:05am The Dull   I Hate the Motorcyclist Barricaded Suspects Toxic Shock
1:08am Detox   I Hate the French Flipside Records
1:10am Pillsbury Hardcore   I Hate Paper Cuts Empty Skulls Fartblossom Enterprises
1:14am John Prine   I Hate It When That Happens to Me Fair & Square Oh Boy
1:17am Nedelle   I Hate a Mountain Locksmith Cometh, The tangram 7s
1:21am Dale Watson   I Hate These Songs I Hate These Songs Hightone
1:25am Groove Psychosis   I Hate Your World Threat Piece of Mind
1:31am Floydband   I Hate Looking at You I Burped and Puke Came Out My. Synthetic
1:33am The Door & the Window   I Hate Sound I Hate the Pop Group Verticle Slum Records
1:36am The Kidnappers   I Hate Your Band Neon Signs Rip Off
1:38am Heller Mason   I Hate Drama and You're Being Dramatic Minimalist and Anchored Silber Records
1:41am The Gyuto Monks   Guhyasamaja Tantra, Ch. I I Tibetan Tantric Choir Windham Hill Jazz
1:45am Speedtwins   I Hate Football Killed By Epitaph Epitaph Records
1:48am Fossil Fuel   I Hate to Take a Bath Menus with Manpower Duplex Records
1:51am Wazmo Nariz   I Hate My Life E.P., the Fiction Records
1:53am Butthole Surfers   I Hate My Job Cottage Cheese From .. WARD-9 Records
1:55am Society Ills   I Hate Sports Skins, Brains & Guts E.P. Ecstatic Peace
1:57am Kim Fowley   I Hate You