Lord Gravestench

Thursday 4 June 2015 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:00am Moon   Beneath Caduceus Chalice Wolfsvuur
2:12am Moonknight   Sorceror Toplov Rising Beast Recordings
2:16am Winterblut   Das Aas (Erschienen) Das Aas Aller Dinge End All Life Productions
2:23am Gromm   Towards The Line of Ideal Happiness - It's When You Are Dead Blackmetal.Com
2:28am Morte Incandescente   Awoken Death ...Your Funeral Elegy Records
2:34am Dead Raven Choir   Die Cask Strength Black Metal Weird Forest Records
2:41am Striborg   Wrapped In a Cocoon Out of Harms' Way Embittered Darkness / Isle De Morts Southern Lord Recordings
2:49am Servile Sect   side a Glowing King of the Monsters
2:58am Leila Abdul-Rauf   Dark Hours of Early Morning Insomnia Malignant Records
3:03am Sigillum S   Priesthood of Whore Kaosdom Studs and Divinity Monochrome Vision
3:09am T.O.M.B.   Clairvoyant Frequencies Third Wave Holocaust Black Plagve Productions
3:14am Trees   Cover Your Mouth Sickness In Crucial Blast
3:28am Abstracter   Open Veins Wound Empire Vendetta
3:37am Augurs   From Maggots to Fly Augurs/Deathgrave Shove Records
3:43am Father Befouled   Paradise of Desecrated Nothingness Morbid Destitution of Covenant Relapse
3:48am Goat Semen   Warfare Noise Ego Sum Satana Hells Headbangers Records
3:53am Teitanblood   Domains of Darkness and Ancient Evil Seven Chalices Flame
4:01am Propergol   A Map For The End Program Vengeance Malignant Records
4:07am Deathpile   You Will Never Know G.R. Hospital Productions
4:13am Fecalove   My Enemy Filth L.White Records
4:23am Green Army Fraction   Feminists Need Sodomy Norrlandsvisor Misanthrope Studio
4:27am Steel Hook Prostheses   antiquus morbus Empirics Guild, The Malignant Records
4:34am Sudden Infant/Grey Wolves/Macronympha   Untitled 1 Interzone 3 Industrial Recollections
4:43am Con-Dom   Control Subjection Industrial Recollections
5:03am King Diamond   The Portrait Fatal Portrait Roadrunner
5:07am Scaremaker   Carpathian Breed What Evil Have They Summoned... Razorback Records
5:12am Connoisseur   Full Blown Marijuana Addict Stoner Justice/ Live At Gilman Tank Crimes
5:16am Demonic Mortuary   Flash of Power Rusty Axe: Under The Axe Vol. 3 Rusty Axe Records
5:20am Satanic Bloodspraying   At The Mercy of Satan At The Mercy of Satan Hells Headbangers Records
5:24am Ludicra   Faith Won't Set You Free Tenant,The Profound Lore Records
5:33am Furze   Dodsrikets Fremtred Necromanzee Cogent Candlelight Usa
5:48am Darkwood   Moss In The Fields Heidenfolk
5:50am Wolfskin   Hunting of Grinning Horses Tornar O Sangue Sagrado Cynfeirdd