Dangerous Dan

Saturday 25 July 2015 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:01am Windy & Carl   Through the Portal Portal Ba Da Bing
2:16am Cankun   Sytern Only The Sun Is Full of Gold Hands In The Dark
2:23am Colleen   Lighthouse Captain of None Thrill Jockey Records
2:30am Brass Hands   Hearing Me Safe Places Batholith Industries
2:39am Carlos Peron   Nothing Is True; Everything Is Permitted Dirty Songs Dark Entries
2:44am Sinoia Caves   Sundown In The New Arcades (milky Way Echo) Enchanter Persuaded, The Brah
3:04am Carlton Melton   Similarities Out to Sea Agitated Records
3:15am Hidden In The Sun   Salt and The Spring Seven Seasons Self Released
3:23am Brian Jonestown Massacre   Philadelphie Story Musique De Film Imagine a Recordings
3:27am Unwoman   Billie Jean Uncovered Self-release
3:31am Brute Heart   Hunter Lonely Hunter Soft Abuse
3:38am Evening Fires   We Cast Our Lots With The Waves Where I've Been Is Places and What I've Seen Is Things Sunrise Ocean Bender
3:46am Sandy Bull   No Deposit, No Return Blues E Pluribus Unum Sutro Park
4:04am Ken Camden   Dream Memory Dream Memory Kranky
4:10am Ancient Sky   Invisible Hand All Get Out Wharf Cat Records
4:19am The Cocoon   While The Recording Engineer Sleeps While The Recording Engineer Sleeps Staubgold
4:25am The Kills   The Good Ones No Wow Rough Trade Records
4:29am Color Coded   blurry mornings Everyone Tied For First Self-release
4:31am Al Cisneros   Empty Tomb Empty Tomb Samaritan Press
4:34am Niton   Pato Tiresias Pilver and Asche
4:42am Sciflyer   Never Come Down Age of Lovely, Intimate Things Clairecords
4:57am Psychic Ills   Another Day Another Night Dins Social Registry
5:05am Big Blood   Endless Peace Double Days I and II dontrustheruin
5:15am The Black Lillies   Soul of Man 100 Miles of Wreckage Attack Monkey
5:22am Syd Barrett   Wined & Dined Madcap Laughs & Barrett, the Harvest Records
5:23am Children of the Mushroom   Exordium (The Mushroom Theme) Children of the Mushroom Outsider Records
5:33am Magda   Japan From The Fallen Page Minus Records
5:44am Bauhaus   Severance Gotham Metropolis
5:49am Scenic   Riding the Arctic Express Spheres Foundry Recordings
5:55am Prisma   Light Light Cosmic Coil, The Time-Lag Records