Wednesday 21 August 2002 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Genuine Electric Latin Love Ma   Introducing the Neat Beat Introducing the Neat Beat
Jah Jesco   Warning [coll]: Studio One Dj's
The Reactors   I Want Sex Half-Life
Carcass   Crepitating Bowel Erosion Peel Sessions
Hopeton Lewis   Take It Easy Baby [coll]: 300% Dynamite
Luciano Perrone   Samba Quente [coll]: Batucada / Capoeira
Vader   When Darkness Calls Revelations
Nocturnal Emissions   No Sacrifice (In Love and Re Songs of Love and Revolution
The Klf   3 A.M. Eternal White Room, the
Dismember   Reborn in Blasphemy Indecent and Obscene
Drums and Tuba   Tuba Song Box Fetish
Dr. Alimantado   Just Because a Bit of Bread Kings Bread
Grant Green   Aint' It Funky Breakbeats
Scurvy Dogs   Suburban Crimes S/T
Submission Hold   Meaning in Flames Sackcloth and Ashes...
Snayk Eyez   Bay Area Skratch (Live) [coll]: Scratch Attack Vol. 1
Subtonix   Black Nails in My Coffin Tarantism
Kylesa   Point of Stillness S/T
The Hitch   I'm Sick Prince of the Sawmill
Dat Politics   A1 Villiger
The Knights of the Turntables   We Are the Knights ( B ) We Are the Knights
Los Straitjackets   Close to Champaign Velvet Touch Of..., the
Augustus Pablo   Earth Rightful Ruler
Bolt Thrower   For Victory For Victory
Killdozer   I Am, I Said Little Baby Buntin
Davy Dmx   One for the Treble One for the Treble
Pere Ubu   Slow Walking Daddy St. Arkansas
Love Grocer   Under the Stars [coll]: A New Breed of Dub
Wee Willie Mason   Funky Funky Hot Pants [coll]: Soulville
Rockers Revenge   There Goes My Heart There Goes My Heart
Numbers   Prison Life S/T
Marumari   All Tracks Untitled Ballad of the Round Ball
The Phantom Limbs   Hot Knives and Hornets Hot Knives and Hornets
Frank Zappa   Inca Roads Lost Episodes, the
Jimi Hendrix   Angel ANGEL/1983
Double Dee & Steinski   Payoff Mix, the Lesson Two
Inner City Unit   Help Sharks New Anatomy
Quincy Jones (soundtrack)   Soul Flower They Call Me Mister Tibbs
Broggs,Peter   No Ism Pon De Riddim Rastafari Liveth
Devil Dub Band   Macrocardio Dub Infarction Devil Dub
Don King   The Don Goes on One Two Punch ( Knockout)
Sandoz   Straight Forward Rasta Sandoz in Dub Chant to Jah
Death   Evil Dead Scream Bloody Gore
Gorgoroth   Open the Gates Destroyer
James Brown   Doing It to Death Doing It to Death