Thursday 5 November 2015 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:02pm The Ex   The Chair Needs Paint Dizzy Spells Touch and Go Records
10:07pm Big Black   Ergot Songs About Fucking Touch and Go Records
10:09pm Jar Moff   Tziaitzomanasou Commerical Mouth Pan
10:14pm The Fall   Australians in Europe B Sides 458489 Beggars Banquet
10:20pm The Birthday Party   Big Jesus Trash Can Junkyard Missing Link
10:22pm Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio   Dark Eyes Live At The Misty Three Blind Mice
10:28pm Gajek   Restless Water Shapes Part 05 Alva Noto Remix Restless Shapes Remixes Monkeytown Records
10:29pm "Victor"   Interviewed by Art Bell
10:32pm Autechre   Dael Tri Repetae ++ TVT Records
10:34pm Forty Martyrs   Today The Immortal and Heavenly Bridegroom Has Risen Armenian Chanting From Aleppo Electric Cowbell
10:40pm Brian May   Matricide Patrick XOZMIQ
10:43pm Bell Witch   Outro Longing Profound Lore Records
10:53pm Mountain   For Yasgur's Farm Best
10:54pm Autumn Fair   Novy Mir Glaciers and Gods Independent Project
11:01pm Scenic   The Kelso Run Kelso Run, the N/A
11:05pm Bright/Juneau   ... Ba Da Boom GRAMOPHONE3 Ba Da Bing
11:09pm Janek Schaefer   Wow Physical Remix Wow Diskono
11:10pm Pedestrian Deposit   Shifted Snake Architector, The Monorail Trespassing
11:17pm Art of Flying   Fossil Fish- War Opens Up The Sky Galala Cochon Records
11:21pm Anenzephalia   Wahrnehmungskrieg Die Sender Mussen Schweigen Loki
11:27pm Hiromi Ito   The Maltreatment of Meaning
11:34pm Hiromi Ito   Father's Uterus, or The Map
11:36pm S/T   Clustermonia Airkraut Lone Starfighter Records
11:39pm Jon Porras   Light of Dusk Orilla Oscura Immune Recordings
11:46pm Ukiah Drag   Crypt Cruiser Wharf Cat Records
11:55pm The Phantom Family Halo   Hard Apple Moon Raven Town Witch Sophomore Lounge
12:01am Nektar   Fidgety Queen Down to Earth ABC Records
12:05am Atlantic Thrills   Bed Bugs Atlantic Thrills Almost Ready Records
12:08am Bobb and The Kidds   Take Me Home Vienna Take Me Home Vienna Mighty Mouth Music
12:09am Commode Minstrels In Bullface   Thug of War Thug of War Tusco/Embassy
12:12am Puce Mary   Pigs Persona Posh Isolation
12:17am Bright   Untitled Badaboom Gramophone #4 Badaboom Gramophone
12:19am Stilluppsteypa   An Example of Measurement... My Baby Does Good Sculptures Bananafish
12:26am Deathgrave   Pay The Man Deadpressure/ Deathgrave Orge Vinyl
12:27am Scat Rag Boosters   Boohoo Baby Blues Slickat Flying Bomb
12:29am The Flash Attacks   Revenge of the Fruitflies Revenge of the Fruit Flies Self Released
12:31am Nino Nardini   Catch that Man Barry 7'S Connectors Lo Recordings
12:33am China rReleases Pics of the Moon  
12:36am DJ Madd   Interstellar Dub Interstellar Dub ZamZam Sounds
12:43am Oneohtrix Point Never   Music For Steamed Rocks Commissions I Warp
12:47am Schaltkreis Wassermann   Sex Is Out Ich Bin Geklont Schaltkreis Wassermann Private Music
12:50am Patrick Moraz   Primitiviation Patrick Moraz Charisma
12:55am Judy Dunaway   Chorus with Balloons
12:58am Judy Dunaway   Chromotom Shar Music
1:01am Nada Lewis   Rustemul Bay Area Accordion Babes 2009 Self Produced
1:04am Ecomorti   WwOLVERinepantherrrrrr Battle of Primordial Energy Manifesting In Matter Resipiscent Records
1:06am Noel Coward   It's Only You Coward. Noel - The Master EMI
1:07am Noel Coward   Shadow Play Coward. Noel - The Master EMI
1:09am Katherine Hepburn   Mademoiselle Cliche De Paris Coco Paramount Records
1:09am Malcolm Clarke   La Grande Piece De La Foire BBC Radiophonic Music BBC Recordings
1:16am Vertebrats   Left in the Dark Be a Caveman Voxx Records
1:18am The Scholars   So Shall It Remain Reticence Landfall Recordings
1:23am Afcgt   Return of The Leper Afcgt dirty knobby
1:25am Schlong   Life Sucks (But Money's Cool Limp Very Small Records
1:31am Lypsinka   at Boybar
1:41am Varg   Asocial 46 Ursviken Northern Electronics
1:43am The Move   Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisi Shazam A&M Records
1:45am The Necks   Vertigo Vertigo Northern Spy
1:47am NOISE DRONE MASS   untitled Maladjustment Shrouded Recordings
1:52am Father Yod and the Spirit of   As Above So Below Kohoutek Drag City